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  1. So I'm pretty ripped and I'm thinking if you could make a make a chewing tobacco like product with a marijuana tincture and some kind of plant like product that could simulate the tobacco and instead of all the chemicals just juice it up with a marijuana tincture. Tell me if this is a good idea or am i just soo ripped.:bongin::smoke: Also to avoid getting but raped in prison. LIQUID SOAP!!!!!! hahaha:D:smoke:

  2. You don't need to be in the shower to get raped in prison..

  4. Got Me there:confused:

  5. I don't think soap is a requirement either
  6. anybody else? i think this would be a cool idea
  7. why need tobacco at all?
    just 100% marijuana dip! I'd buy it!

    With my state valid permit that is..
  8. See the thing is now im seeing it realistically because it sounds like such a good idea. would you be able to absorb THC or CBD through the mouth if it was in some sort of alcoholic mixture with some tincture to increase potency and maybe some gooey natural sugar for flavor and to hold it all in something like chewing tobacco.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  9. #*This just a note to myself because I'm way too high and im gonna forget.*#
    So when I get my next big pickup I'm going to actually going to try this out. In the time before i pickup, about a month, im going to research this some more, so i dont screw it up, and then i'm going to try to post lots of pic on GC.
  10. Me and my friend tried this in a glycerine tincture and gum, took a piece of gum, soaked in the tinc for however long he did...not sure (im aware this is NOTHING like chew... but it was a TEST!) and then i just popped the gum in my mouth inbetween my lip and lower gum area....didnt chew it for a while...just let it sit... got bored chewed it up.... i got high...but i dont think the gum was as absorbant as we wanted and it was just surfaced. i was thinking about soaking some steams in a tincture till they are soft and trying with them hahah, but.... i dunno that seems like a texture i dont care to have in my mouth
  11. Is there a reason you want to keep the plant matter intact for the end-use, do you really want a wad of it in your mouth? It would be more for aesthetics (ie, you like a wad of stuff in your mouth) than for anything practical.

    You'd still have to glycerine process the plant matter first either under heat, or over the course of several weeks to several months under room temperature, otherwise the THC wouldn't be drawn out of the plant matter and into your system. And at that point, most of the beneficial properties will have been removed into the glycerine, rendering the plant material itself nearly void of THC and useless except for possible future processing.

    I just make glycerine tinctures, or glycerine-alcohol, then load up small dropper and atomizer spray bottles.. right now I have both sativa & indica tinctures of varying strengths and flavors; strawberry, peppermint, orange, lemon and raspberry.

    A few squirts under the tongue, and away you go. I can only imagine that it's much less noticeable to use in public this way, than shoving a wad of smelly plant matter into your mouth :)

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