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    I was thinking...why don't we all pick a day, not toooo far in the future and plan a bunch of gathering/marches for legalization. Hand out flyers at colleges/community colleges/malls/etc. informing of a march. Get our local news stations involved and try to get legalization some face time. I'm tired of the government telling me a fucking plant is illegal. :mad: I know most of you will just pass by, but, fuck, if you have a bunch of stoner buddies and your stoner buddies have a bunch of buddies we could get a significant gathering going. We need to make are fucking local governments aware of what we want since it seems we hate to vote. or even tie in some voter registration at the gatherings/marches.

    i was also thinking about making marijuana leaf masks for this. Ones that you could send by email, print on printer paper and use a bit of string to fit to your head. ...for anonymity

    All just ideas in my head but, fuck, I know the country is teeming with marijuana users that are tired of being afraid and hassled.
  2. or you could throw industrial hemp leaves everywhere
    any way sounds like a good idea to me
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