Idea So Crazy, Its Retarded.

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, May 30, 2013.

  1. We should all quit consuming weed and join the campaign to eradicate the marijuana from earth.
    Imagine how great life would be if we didn't have the option to get high, ever?
    idk I'm so high

  2. That would be terrible!
  3. I thought this guy was already banned?
    I would die!
  5. I'd be dying with you, lol.
  6. How about not...
  7. Get the phuck outta here.

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  8. [​IMG]
  9. He's just messing with you guys. Lmao, but he should be locked up in Grass City County jail for Aggravated Thinking!
  10. Alright, what if it was illegal to be sober and you go to prison if you're caught sober.  In prison, it's mandatory that you smoke five dabs an hour until lights-out (weed grown by other prisoners, and it's dank.)  Hash oil edibles may be used as a substitution for dabs, but can be conjoined.
  11. S stands for SHUT
    T stands for THE
    F stands for FUCK
    U stands for UP
  12. highasshmuck 
    just kidding, great stuff op. thanks for making me realize how bad things could be, if potheads even hated pot this would be a rough world 
    I'm sorry that the internet makes you so upset =(  I'll smoke for you.
    oh-em-gee...what if like prison cells were made out of hemp? and instead of prisoners shanking each other, they would stone each other with blunts!!! omg!!! highfive!!!
  15. i would walk up to a cop right this second and tell them just how sober i am lol
  16. What if hypothetical scenarios were reality?
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    Also it would be cool of cops used sniffer dogs to make sure that people had at least one joint on them at all times, and there was a "Dank certification board"
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    I only came here because the thread title is a Family guy quote. But now I'm here to tell you that you are not smoking nearly enough weed :smoke:
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    Lmao just stop. If that was true I'd go to prison on purpose

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