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Idea on OD on weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheyGaveMeaGun?, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. So I was thinking about making some delicious brownies. Suddenly it dawned upon me. Since the high from ingesting the THC isnt immediate, wouldnt it be possible to OD because of the amount of brownies that could be eaten in a short time frame?:eek:
  2. uhh.....'fraid not
  3. hmm
    i never thought of that rofl

    wanna try?

    haha :smoke:
  4. Nah, it was proven somewhere that the only possible way to die from THC is through an IV.

    Good luck getting an IV of pure THC... ever.

    I don't feel like looking for the article, but just take my word for it.

    You'll just get extremely high and pass out.
  5. i ate two very large brownies before getting on a flight one time. there was probly an eighth of headies between the two of them. it was very close to too much. i felt sick half the time and the other half i was holding on for dear life because i thought the plane was going to throw me off.

    i suggest trying it.
  6. It's never happened before, but who knows it COULD be possible

    I highly doubt it though

  7. i wouldnt mind shootin up with some THC
  8. You would throw up from eatting too many brownies before you could eat enough to overdose.
  9. you can definitely eat enough that it would be FAR more than you can handle...

    i've heard tales of hallucinations, panic, paranoia, etc....
  10. Pretty Much its impossible to Od like that. I was watching a documentary and they were saying to od from marijuana you would need to smoke or eat over 1500lbs of it which is like 250,000 brownies and it would have to be consumed in under 15mins =P dangerous "drug" eh? No wonder MJ's in the same class as cocaine and shit lol the systems allll fucked up
  11. The first weed I bought was about a half of mids, so i cooked every bit of into firecrackers and ate all at once on empty stomach(it was like a full meal because i had to use so much pb and crackers) while i waited for it to come on i walked over to my friends house and smoked about6 bowls. by then an hour had passed and i thought that i fucked up the firecrackers when all of a sudden I went from blazed to paralyzed and having mild hulicinations. for about 2 half hours could'nt do anything more than talk, because anything else was too much effort. this is the only time i have been high where i completely lost track of time can't really remember much of it. You should definately try it. eat waayyyy too much and smoke like a mad man waited for it all to hit you=good times
  12. uh.... fraid so, son. you can od from brownies, though youd have to eat alot or just a few extra dankies
  13. no, you really cant
    unless you eat like 250,000 like the above post states
  14. i read the od on weed is 9x your body weight. if u weight 200, ud have to eat 1800 pounds of weed to od.
  15. as i said, you'd have to eat alot, thanks for pointing out my correctness
  16. yeah but its impossible to eat that many . so, ultimately, you would fail at ODing on brownies
  17. ODing like death is impossible...

    ODing like too fucked up is possible, however....subjective
  18. #18 Hobo173, Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2008
    There has never been a recorded case of THC overdose in humans or close relatives.

    The ridiculously high LD50 lethal dose is ONLY for rats and rabbits. There is no known lethal dose for monkeys.

    LD50 for rats is approx 1000mg/kg or 1g/kg. In a 80kg (~175lb) person, that would be 80g of pure THC. That is 400g of 20% buds. Almost a pound (454g). Most buds are far from 20%.

    That won't even kill you. Not to mention how much a lb of the BEST stuff would cost. You can't accidentally go through a pound instantly. You would most likely be unconscious way before the LD50 point that won't even kill you.

    About the LD50 of THC on wikipedia:

    "It is important to note, however, that toxicity in animal models does not necessarily correlate to human toxicity. THC receptor distribution in the rat central nervous system is different from that of humans, meaning that there is the significant possibility that toxicity in humans varies from the published animal LD50 studies. There has never been a documented fatality from marijuana.[9] Absorption is limited by serum lipids, which can become saturated with THC, thus the inherent solubility may mitigate toxicity. In order to create a lethal overdose in a human, one would have to consume 1500 pounds in under 15 minutes.[10]

    Studies of the distribution of the cannabinoid receptors in the brain explain why THC's toxicity is so low (i.e., the LD50 of the compound is so large): parts of the brain that control vital functions such as respiration do not have many receptors, so they are relatively unaffected even by doses larger than could ever be ingested under any normal conditions."
  19. i would i fuckin hate needles
  20. well, i think alot of argument could be saved by defining our terms

    theres the overdose, where its too much for ANYONE and you get sick

    and theres the overdose where you just take to much for YOU and get too high or sick

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