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  1. So I been wanting a tattoo but couldnt think of anything that would really show whats important to me, I didnt want something cliche like a tribal band tattoo or something like that.

    Then it dawned on me while I was at work listening to Pink Floyd, they are my favorite band and they helped me realize lot of stuff about life, then a idea formed for the tattoo I wanted and here it is:

    It will be a pretty simple tattoo, on right upper arm, I want a brick wall at a slight angle so its not looking straight at it, but not just side view if you know what I mean, and a silhouette of a man about to strike the wall with a sledgehammer and above the wall it says "Pink Floyd" in the normal font they use.

    Its really simple design but thats what I want for first tattoo is something simple and not super expensive or elaborate.

    What you guys think of my idea?
  2. I love pink Floyd man, that sounds like a bomb idea. Get whatever has meaning to you and don't listen to what other people say about it
  3. Get a dragon

  4. YEAH DUDE! so bomb, I got a dragon that covers my entire torso, wraps all the way around, the tail goes straight into my ass. Then I got a HHHHUUGE Cross on my leg (im not religous or anything its just BOSS). On my other leg I have a huge anchor. bomb shit.

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