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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by tianlin, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. So I know plenty of people re-purpose things like dental picks to use as tools for manipulating their oils and whatnot, and I just realized that while I just bought a wax vape tank, I still don't have a dabber - have been using paperclips when wax is available. But I'm in the process of moving and I think I found something that might work...I forgot I'd bought a metal nutcracker, and it came with some cheaply made but fully metal picks for getting stubborn little bits of nut out of the shell....thicker tip than a paperclip or a dental pick, but not that different from some dabbers I've seen.

    Don't have a picture of my own, but they look just like this:
    [​IMG] (thanks, google!)

    I'm thinking they will work I just gotta get some danged wax. Proving difficult this week, which is bumming me the heck out because I was really stoked to try this new gadget. Oh well, next week I'll be in my new home, and I know a guy there who always has it.
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  2. looks fine...Metal Dart tips are pretty cool too.

    Always got a kick out of that one. Because you can throw them later if you feel like it.
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