Idea for a bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Norville.Rogers, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. So I heard that smoke pools in a beaker base which makes sense because it has bigger volume which should equal less pressure (PV=nRT). So what if I developed a bong with a straight tube and percolators and then bubble at the top? Would it motivate teh smoke to pass through ther percolators more in the pulling phase then when you clear it it will be past the percs and have less drag? :smoking:
  2. oh you scientist you
  3. Dumb stoner terms please :smoking:
  4. It probably could work, but it would look fairly retarded
  5. No. PV = nRT (or the Ideal Gas Law) is derived from the combiened gas law, P1V1=P2V2. This means that if you take a certain amount of gas and put it in TWO containers the Pressure*volume of each will be equal. In a single container the pressure will be uniform throughout due to the fact that smoke is a gas which by definition EVENLY expands to fill a container.
  6. WAYYYY to early in the morning for this thread!
  7. more glass on top means top heavy, and you'd have to take care not just create a lot of drag

    id give it a shot though.
  8. it would be different...give it a shot.
  9. K btw I don't know much about what I am talking about and could never build a bong. I was just high as hell last night and had an idea.
    Yo Greg. Would the gas distribute totally evenly, or would the pressure? It woud be the same amount of gas particles/volume, wouldn't it? So by increasing the volume of one chamber by making a big bubble in the tube it should have the smoke pool there right?
    And to ihugtrees, what disadvantages does being top heavy bring? Other than being goofy. Maybe if you made the bottom of the tube out of thicker glass?
  10. more likely to tip over and break. Not to mention it'd probably be awkward to hold causing it to be ever more likely to break
  11. What if you put a sturdy base on it? That would balance the weight some and fix the tipping over issue pretty much. And maybe make the bubble out of thin glass.
  12. if you made bubble out of thin glass it would make it lighter, but also weaker and in case it were to fall more likely to break.
  13. i dont think it would work better,,the bigger to smaller chamber is what makes it have less drag,and clears better,,peace LEAR
  14. i had an idea for a bong drawn ut somewhere. i think its in my truck something liek that
    it was going to be like a 36 inch tall beaker tube.b
    fixed stem x-Arm tree inthe beaker
    into 3 different types of percs(thats why i started a thread on the different types[thx blades!])
    then it went into a disc diffuser at the bottom of an inverted beaker with a chubbling tube off to the side so water stayed in the disc at the bottom of the inverted beaker
    then back into the tube shape with ice pinches.
    water,ice coloraion on the beaker bottom and downstem
    fire castle rimmed bowl piece.
    woulda had to have needed a vacuum to get that thing goin!

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