Idaho GOP Wants Legalization

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by sachidananda, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. And the GOP's heart grew three sizes that day.
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  2. let's hope it doesn't burst! not until it's legalized anyway.
  3. ...bump...

    c'mon Idaho GCers!
  4. Idaho, Idaho
    Potatoes ain't the only things they can grow, hell no
  5. Idaho is pretty important in the fight for legalization, man.

    If Idaho could legalize, then Wyoming would have little chances of remaining ignorant between Colorado and the potato state.
  6. Sweet! Keep up the good work
  7. Yea, man. Washington, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada...the west is transforming itself into a neo fucking garden of eden, man!
  8. Hopefully they feel too foolish to continue with their platitudes in exchange for their cash grab after too much longer. They have to feel stupid uttering this tripe to the public and expecting anyone to believe it anymore.

    Ummm....Gene, maybe you should have attended the meeting first and then spouted off? Nah... "me want easy cash grab. But its all about the KIDS!!" :rolleyes:

    Again, Gene, maybe you should have attended the meeting? Those who determine those laws you're so "proactive" about don't even seem to agree any longer.

    If police are soooo concerned for kids, maybe they'll stop making criminals out of them? :cool: Fucking hypocrites.

  9.'s always the active duty filth, with salary and OT to lose.
    Never the retired folks who can speak freely.

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