id like to say hello

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  1. to all of you.

    we all have something in common, and this thing we have in common, it draws us closer together. it seperates us, from everyone else.

    i cant help but feel strong.

    because when i come here, and get to read about all of these other people that do the same thing i do, even though it may be against the law, i know that i am being true to myself. i can look around[this forum] and see all these people just like me. we are not influenced by the mind control tactics used by our so called "community-leaders". and this allows us to percieve reality in a whole new way, a way in which non smokers can never understand.

    it makes you aware. it brings a whole other part of your concsiousness to be experienced and we see things in different ways that just make sense! Thats why we do it right?

    i mean, it just feels right, why shouldnt we have this?

    if someone has not smoked cannabis or has not had a legitimate EXPERIENCE with it, then they should have NO say in whether or not this thing is good or bad. they have no perspective.

    i want to meet everyone on this forum and shake they're hand. maybe even a hug. i just feel like were close you know? like, youre all my homies!!

    i am positive that participating in this forum will be an awesome experience and hopefully i can make a few friends along the way.

    peace through plants!:smoke:

  2. Very well said =]

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