Iconic Air Purifier?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by leafsforever3, Aug 25, 2008.

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    Vege'ing plants produce very little smell.

    If smell is still an issue you'd be better served by installing a carbon filter onto your exhaust, as they are far more affective at removing odors than Ionic air cleaners


    Lots of different sizes depending on your room and exhaust fan size
  2. Yes, it is a storage room.. I'd have good air circulation with fan's etc.

  3. Are you going to have an intake fan?

    Good air circulation means plenty of fresh air coming in which usually also requires plenty of air going out. Just having fans blow in a sealed room will do nothing to dissipate the heat from the lights as well as misses the issue of the CO2 needs for the plants.

    Are you planning on using suplemental CO2? This would make up for the ammount used by the plants, but you'd still have to address the light heat issues.
  4. Unfourtunatly since it's an appartment I can't do mods to the walls, cieling etc. Maybe I'd be better off making a small grow space in a dresser..

    Regardless right now I'm just looking for an odor solution, I have lots of time to plan the grow space as it's only the end of august :)
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    Most of us have our odor controlled hooked up to our fans and atmospheric controls ..... its all just one big monster.

    Most successful rooms are designed to be a cohesive unit and not just a random collection of parts. Since you have all winter to plan why not look at the problem "big picture" instead of focusing on the minutiae.

    With a hole cutting restriction, my guess is that heat control is going to be a much harder problem to conquer than odor control.
  6. You make alot of good points, I will plan this out much better before buying anything, thanks.
  7. ionic air purifiers produce the o3 molecule (dioxide) which is also know as ozone. this gas is toxic and is harmful to humans, animals ,and plants:mad:, dont use them
  8. lol iconic you mean "ionic"
  9. this may be out of the league of this forum.
    but i would say if you have the space for a grow room, grow all indoors

    having pot plants in your backyard is a hazard. theres lots of 8 legged, 6 legged, and worst of all 2 legged creatures roming around out there. your plants can easily be infested by insects, stolen, or worse depending on your county/state/country unless you got all the precautions. if 1 neighborhid kid finds out you got a freakin pot field in your backyard? forget about it.

    keep everything under lock and key. dont even tell your wife. keep your licenses viewable only in the grow room itself. use carbon filters, use infrared screens. do it nasa style if your gonna do it, or dont do it at all. a big grow is enough valuable meds for so long, and pain meds especially indica is so expensive in these dispensaries....

    having an indoor grow room and the resources/means/budget to do it is a luxury. consider yourself among a breed of people on this earth with both the balls and the means to pull off a nice grow.

    use the room you got. light your plants. light them good.

    grow indoors- you can manage every single aspect of your plants life.

    by the way the new odor eating cfls for $9.50 form a hydroxide radical
    much like the ionizers.
  10. I grow in a computer case with no carbon filter in my room and i never smell them in my room cause i move them to a new room for flowering, if its just going to veg in the storage room and no ones gos in, then i really don't think any one would notice but ether way good luck with the grow man!

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