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Discussion in 'General' started by jzchillin, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. First of all, I have to give mad props to the moderators here at Grasscity. All I have is love for you guys. I may only know a couple of you guys but you have left an impression on me. SmknVTEC, Anony, unoit, you guys have been nothing short than patient and always attentive to my questions no matter how stupid or moronic they sound.

    I have been around these forums, not just this one, for many years. If not to just look at pictures and drool. I even remember OG.

    I recently had an experience over at IC that has left me completely flabbergasted that people can be so heartless and jaded. They/we are supposed to be brothers no matter if it's on another forum or not. We all have this majical plant in common. It doesn't matter if a Mod is having a bad day or not, they are there to keep the civility, not condemn and look down the narrow nose of an even more narrow and shallow shell.

    IC F-U! I moved.

    Now that I have said my peace, I am going to piss off one of the mods here. :D

  2. dude wat did they do. ive been there for a year or so and love it.
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    Fascists...its as simple as that...
    I had a discussion with a mod/admin but he wasnt in the role as a mod, he was partaking in the discussion as the rest of us. The discussion was about the annual cannabis march where some of us thought it as not being serious enough. The media didnt even bother covering it.
    The discussion was made in a polite manner besides the actual mod/admin. He said that if we didnt like his opnion he couldnt care less and then he called us names and said that he would shit on our opinions. He was saying things like this and then in the next post he would say that we should partake some more in the public debate(????) - the discussion heated up because that is not ok to say such, just because you think of yourself as God. Eventually someone made a joke about him anal penetrating me and I replied that I didnt think he was that big - and i actually said "I dont think he is that big to reach up there" - next day I was banned...now to me that is sick because I never said anything more insulting than what I have alrdy posted, but because it was an admin he could say "I shit on your opinions" and because someone was making a remark about him penetrating me it was ok but the other way around - BAN! I actually enjoyed my short stay at ICMAG but if the power to control the posts and ban are given to assholes like such an admin, well maybe ICMAG dont deserve the attention of a community of brotherhood! And I actually copy pasted the whole post into a word document because I had never seen admins behave like that. I was planning on sending it to some other admin at the site if he continued, but I guess that is too late since he banned me before I had the chance...
    The post is in danish so no reason to post it here but I just wanted you to know the things that is happening on that site...
    his username is "Esbe" I leave it up to the people of icmag and their conscious...:confused_2:

    Ps. Yes Esbe is probably the one you guys think so highly of because he has some genetics you like - well, he is a snake - chew on that...
  4. The community at ICmag is all right, but the moderators are facist pigs! I wouldn't doubt that half of them are cops in their day job. I'd be careful over there, I hear they're logging IP addresses, who knows what they might do with that info.
    Peace out bros
  5. Ok, enough. We aren't participating in forum wars here.

    Feel free to enjoy this community, but we don't need the drama about other boards.
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