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  1. Hi yall, my sons going to Iceland,
    Anyone here from Iceland?
    Any Tips For a good visit?
    How's the weed there?
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  2. I have never been there but I know they have some nice hot springs you can enjoy like a hot tub in the cold!
  3. Yeah I seen that online, I could use that hot spring about now lol.
    He won the trip in a contest, 10 days, all paid trip for 2. He leaves tomorrow .
    He won $50g last Powerball,2 months ago.
    He beat colon cancer and colitis with THC suppositories and meditation, last week we got the great news.
    He's an extremely kind young man, I've never been prouder.:)
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  4. That really is great news. He's also apparently an extremely lucky young man. In addition to the THC suppositories did he go through chemo and radiation? I've heard of colitis being treated with chemo drugs and also cannabis. What stage was his colon cancer? Did he have mets?

    Sorry for being so nosey, I have no excuse other than for some known reason I like reading true stories about cancer patients going into remission.
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  5. There’s a bakery in Iceland that uses geo thermal hot springs to bake some of its bread. Sounds cool.
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  6. reads like that man has fire in the gut, aka "won't quit no way, no how". congratulations to him for his good fortune. I'd keep him close and rub his head hoping for some of his good fortune to come your way. :smoke:

    don't forget the aurora borealis. they should be spectacular this weekend earth (earth facing CME arriving today and tomorrow). eyes to the skies!
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  7. I spent weeks their years back take a well charged credit card, Keflavik is some distance from the city,
    ensure you visit in spring or summer, the rest is cold and white as hell, my girl was black
    in a country where everyone is blue eyed and blond, she got a hard time
    the water smells and taste of sulfur be warned any toiletries go to poop with all that sulfur
    note, as you arrive, the crew /...everyone flocks to the duty free, due to the high taxes,
    man I mean high taxes, be warned
    keep in mind its a small country with small people with smaller out looks, but they can tell some great stories

    good luck

    ps I took my own weed posted it...local stuff was crap but that's years back
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  8. Thnx , they wanted to give him drugs for the colitis but he declined and went all natural. He did a lot of meditation and bettered his diet.
    The cancer was cut out early and never came back. He didn't take anything for that either. He's very strong minded and stayed positive the whole time.
    Alot of young folk are coming down with these 2 diseases, I believe it's,
    Air pollution
    Crop pollution
    Food pollution
    Brain pollution
    Govt pollution
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  9. Thnx bud, it sure looks tasty, something timj will probably do
    sometime soon :biggrin:
  10. Thnx bud, yeah he's a special guy, I feel like I'm the lucky one:)
    I can't wait to see his pics, he's works for a media production company and he spent a few grand on a nice Camara.
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  11. We started making kimchi to change our guts for the better.
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  12. Make sure you have lots of money, a beer will cost you at least $10 in a bar. Weed shouldn’t be a problem, when I was there every second person I met smoked. I thought the weed was fine but the quality I get here in Europe ain’t a patch on that sweet stuff you guys have access to so you might think otherwise.

    It’s a beautiful country and the scenery will blow your mind. Enjoy!
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  13. The public swimming pool is a blast most of it is outside at -10C the water temp from the pools is about 30C, the contrast is worth the visit alone is the place every local hangs out
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    the hot water used free by everyone is from underground springs, is used to keep the houses warm, even powers the place but that smell ?
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  15. I hope he has a nice trip!!
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  16. Thnx bud
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  17. some of the wells here have that rotten egg smell which then causes the homes to smell the same way
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  18. Some wells have it bad here , I'll get it when it rains hard, but it only lasts a minute
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  19. Does he need a backup photographer, or camera caddy? I am envious, it sounds like a trip of a lifetime for a photographer. I have only seen pictures, and the scenes from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but it looks like an amazing place.

    Kudos to him for beating that shit, sounds like he is on the road to accomplish great things.
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  20. Lol,you and me both , I'd love to go there! Stay tuned,im sure we'll be getting pics soon, and thnx for the kind words bro.:)
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