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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by codvx87, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Hey, just curious if im the only one that does this

    I get 2 medium sized icecubes and put them in my mouth, then smoke from my pipe and the smoke doesnt burn my throat anywhere near as much.

    I know you can put icecubes in bongs but some of us need to be portable
  2. ive never heard of anyone doing this, and id be worried about accidentally inhaling an ice cube.
    tip: gargle mouth wash before hand. it'll numb ur throat a bit.
  3. i should try this. I've tried chewing on mint gum while smoking, and that makes it seem like it cools down. but i never thought of ice cubes.
  4. hmm having large slippery objects in your mouth while inhaling,
    does not seem smart at all,
    even if you are careful its just not responsible in any way,
    seriously we dont need any more articles about people doing dumb shit while high,
    you could mc guyver a device that filters the smoke through the ice,
    but putting ice in your mouth does not seem smart at all

  5. noo i agree with you, they have to be about an inch wide, i usually let it melt in my band on my way to the back lane, so that when or if you inhale one you just swallow it, and thanks for the mouthwash tip from the guy above, if i didnt hate the taste of it id try it

    benylin works too to numb it but i got a wierd feeling when i got high with it so i never did it again
  6. Worse case scenario if you start choking on an ice cube,
    it will just melt.

    I still probably wouldn't do it though..
    The listerine tip works fine.
  7. if you have a small homemade you can stick pins in it towards the middle/ top and just throw em in. that is what i do and havent had any problems.
  8. yeah i hit up the mouthwash before i know ima take a harsh hit.
    like a big ol pipe hit , or if i know im smokin extra dry weed
  9. i'd probably choke if i did that. i don't find my pipes burn my throat very bad, not enough to bother me.
  10. gonna have to give that a try...i have held some water in my mouth however, and made a "human bong" by inhaling it through the water.
  11. wouldnt that make your mouth like hella cold?
  12. i just build tolerance to the heat

  13. This, You're a beginning smoker, probably young with a healthy set of lungs. just get used to taking your hits without having to stuff your mouth full of ice cubes like a chipmunk. You get over it after a while.

    However there are plenty of ways to cool the smoke too, Like taking your hits from a bong.

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