Ice Kush Harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by marsilver, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Girl #1 of first grow complete. Chopping her sister next week. ANy guesses on what the dry weight will be. My guess is 1.5 zips. I ordered scales today...

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  2. Very nicely done sir!!
  3. them there are some nice lookin buds man!!
    get us some closeups!!
  4. Here ya go.

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  5. NICE!! i love ICE!!! ive always wanted a ICE x hindu kush hybrid!! Nirvana sells a strain called papaya, it is Chitral x Ice. chitral is a village in the Hindu Kush mountains, so Chitral is a Hindu Kush strain. where did u get your ICE x KUSH? was it from seed? nice grow too!!! cheers!!(flashes some nirvana Chrystal tops!)

  6. Thanks. I got the seeds from Dr. Chronic but you can get them from attitude too. Ordering from the Doc was a bit of a nightmare. They're by advanced seeds. Next up is dinafem blue hash. I don't really need to start a new grow yet as what I have will last me a year (I only smoke once a week maybe) but the grow itself is kinda addicting.
  7. Good job on your first. If they are descently tight buds I would say right around 2 oz. Good starting point for a beginner.
  8. Nice buddy......nice
  9. Ye 1.5 max. Nice lil yield for the personal stash.

    By the way that's probably the sickest kush name I've heard besides doublebubbletroubleyumgubbleberry kush. Idk if it's a real strain but my dealer said it was. And I trust my dealer. He once put me at gunpoint for 10 bucks. Good guy.

    Anyway best of luck for the next harvest brother. :smoke:
  10. hell yeah man, nicee,frosty as a mother fukka! thanks for the closeups. thats some sexy budporn ahah

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