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Ice Fishing

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by sachidananda, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Any ice fisherman out there?

    just went for the first time and snagged 7 trout up here in Anchorage!

  2. Nah man ive never been but i love to fish and there are strip pits full of fish all around me , im gonna try it soon. Any tips? Btw nice job on the trout! Howd u get em?
  3. they were biting like crazy today, I dunno. I'm not sure, but I'd say I got a good 4 pounds or so. got enough for our dinner tonight and a couple more fish meals (froze 'em).

    Tips? I'd say just find a nice community lake that maybe has a place to rent or borrow a nice auger nearby and fish it up, man.
  4. damn. rainbow trout are some of the tastiest fish out there, let me tell ya!
  5. I like to go but dont get a lot of time too. I usually go with my dad, and he just went out yesterday and caught a couple nice ones. Hopefully soon though i will be back out on the ice.
  6. I used to have plenty of time to ice fish with my dad and a couple of buddies up in northern Maine...

    We'd pull up muskie, salmon, trout, all baited by the smelt we caught.

    Snowmobile speed runs on the ice road were always a customary part of the fun. ;)

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