Ice Cube's Coors light commericals

Discussion in 'General' started by voorhee, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. pretty old. no need for a post, it wasnt THAT funny !
  2. Cube sold out a long time ago when he started doin "family films."
  3. He didn't sell out, he grew up and had a family...
  4. went from NWA to Disney movies lol

    just like Ice-T went from rapping about killing cops to playing one in Law and Order :laughing:
  5. I never got the big deal bout that either, it's a fuckin TV show, it aint like he went and became a real cop and is beatin down and arrestin nigggas..

  6. Yeah I don't have a problem with what they did, being a gangsta rapper only gets you so far. They were smart enough to keep it going in another direction. Cube and Ice are about that money :D
  7. Terrible commercials featuring zero seconds of humor. I will not buy Coors because of these dumbass commercials.
  8. yeah but the fuckin can tells you when its cold :eek:
  9. cube or T didnt sell out...they just went from street hustlers to corporate hustlers. Nothin but respect to both of them, there still inkin deals...cube with movies n commercials, T with law n order n ice loves coco.
  10. Everytime an artist like these two go pop culture their music struggles or dies.
  11. lol they just dont care which is gangsta enough.
    +they know its more friendlier. friendly woooo :D
  12. Exactly, he sold out. What kind of gangster grows up and has a family?
  13. i enjoyed this, thanks for the post :)

  14. Lolz, most ganstas just have babys mamas.

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