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  1. So a few days ago me and a few friends were on a roadie and this kid whips out a bong, he told me to get ice to put it in and just wow, it hit so clear and it didn't even feel like smoke was coming in but 1 hit and I was gone. I really wanna find one like that but I don't know what to type in. If someone could find a lower cost under $100 ice bong I'd appreciate it. Please don't say let me google that for you as well

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  2. If your looking for somthing supper
  3. when i hear ice bong all i think go is thes 2 iced out junkies smoking weed over 3 ice cubes in a bong melting coved in reason say how good it was lol
  4. You can use ice in any bong, you just need to watch how much water you have when you the ice melts. Arby's sells their ice in bags for $1. Their ice is rabbit poop pellet sized and is great to fill a bong up with. You can get a shitload of ice in there and the draw isn't effected due to the size and shape of it.

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