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Ice Bong Question

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by LogFumar, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I am looking for a bong and I had a question. Do ice bongs NEED ice in them, or could you use them with just water? Thanks!
  2. Do u mean a bong with an ice catcher? If that's what u mean then yes u can use them with or with out ice. Please post pics to help understand
  3. Nah man, its your choice to use ice or not. It just makes the hit smoother. Give it a try , you may like it. Make sure the bong has ice pinches otherwise you cant really use ice.

  4. Okay thanks. And just wondering; which of these two bongs would you recommend over the other?

    1) Black Leaf - Dome Perc and 6-arm Perc Glass Ice Bong - Blue and Black - Without Carb Hole - Glass Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    2) Flaming Skull - Beaker Base 7mm Glass Ice Bong - 41cm - Blue - Without Carb Hole - Glass Bongs - Bongs and Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -
  5. Definitely go with the first, that black leaf is way better. If you're looking for a smooth hit then you can't go wrong with more percolation for the price. The only problem is the space you're getting for ice if you even plan on using it.
  6. Both of those are cheap china glass. Wouldn't get either honestly.
  7. Well black leaf isnt china and is prolly the better of the two
  8. Yes. If you don't use ice, the bong won't work at all.

  9. Sorry Indian*
  10. nah. warm water feels better anyways.

    edit- don't be a glass snob.. wtf.

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