Ian Wright's travel show/travel shows ftw

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  1. if theres something I love that's documentaries and travel shows..
    so much info about other places(some of you never heard about),

    and if there's someone who knows trips is Ian Wright.:hello:
    I used to love that guy...His shows are the best travel shows i ever seen so far,but apparently he stopped after so many years of travelling.
    seriously the best british humor ever.

    so did anyone used to watch his shows too? any links to downlaod them?
    any other travel shows you like?

    unfortunately i cant embed,but heres some parts of some shows..

    Angkor Wat, Cambodia


    chilling in the seychelles



    hung over hospital in mexico

  2. *bumb*

    noone watches travel shows??? uuuhhh....too bad...

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