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    Ok, so i was reading these rants on Iampissedoff.com, a website my guy guaranteed would crack me up. We are blazed as hell right now and my stomach hurts from laughing. Basically, on this website, people have a chance to vent about what they're pissed about in their life.

    I feel kinda bad for laughing at other people's problems, but fuck it my life used to be fucked up too, hell, it still kinda is. Problem: The world is fucked up. solution: :bongin:

    here's the rants:

    i'm 16. i hate my fuckin aunt man. i smoke weed and she kills my buzz all the fuckin time.
    example: me: *coming in the front door home high as fuck* Hey aunt (insert name here)
    Her: why did you sound so tired on the phone? why are your eyes so red?
    Me: i'm tired, i worked out, took a nap, and woke up like 5 min before *my cuz who had picked me up* dropped me off... stop tripping
    Her: Stop mumblin, you're mumblin. You always do that when you're high as a kite, like you are right now.

    ^^^----- i love how she's a 52-year-old black woman who grew up in ohio, just my fuckin luck to have to move in with her, not to mention there's 5 kids (3 babies) and 3 stupid fuckin grown ass fuck-ups living with us (her twin daughters and one's boyfriend). and since she's so old fashioned she likes to use cliche-ass lines like "high as a kite" i hate the fuckin sound of her voice. she also calls marijuana reefer, emphasis on the -er at the end. "you been smoking reefer?!" is the sky fuckin blue bitch

    anyway, the conversation continues:
    Me: i'm not high, man.
    *long argument*
    Her: when does your school year end?
    Me: May 27
    Her: You're on lockdown until then. i know there's going to be a lot of parties before the year ends, but mayb this'll allow you to think about your actions

    my thoughts: FUCK YOU BITCH wtf does lockdown mean if you mean grounded then fuckin sayy grounded!!! she'll either say 'on punishment' or 'lockdown' FUCK YOU BITCH. oh, and "allow you to think"? let me think... FUCK YOU BITCH

    this happend in april (4/20), so i've been grounded for a month b/c i enjoy god's given gift, the herb.

    another example:
    one day when i'm gettin dropped off at school i tell my aunt to pick me up at 8:30 pm because im goin out to eat with my friends at tree guys. cuz 40 cent wings are the shit. she says ok then drives off.later, im back at my friend's house by 8, and by 10:30 im like fuck it im tired as hell from sobering up, so i pass out on the couch. me n my friend's whole family are cool so his dad didnt mind that i slept over while my friend went to a bonfire that night (keep in mind that i thought i was getting picked up). so in the morn my friends come back after his dad leaves for karate, and i call my aunt using his phone. she answers all pissed off, like why are you just now calling me? i told you to call me. im like hell no, i told you to pick me up at 8:30. she goes, well you know you should've called me, why didnt you call me? i say, my friend whose house you left me at has a fuckin life, so he went out, and his dad doesnt have a phone. first off im always at this guys house cuz we're brah-skees, you know? no homo. and this bitch didnt call his phone while he was gone (he told me), she didnt show up at his crib (cuz i was there like i told her i would be), and this isn't the first time she'd left me there. so that's 3 stupidfuck mistakes on her part, and 1 "mistake on my part": didn't call. FUCKKKK

    maybe if her old-fashioned ass would by me a phone for more than a week there wouldnt be problems like this. her excuse for that situation was: you told me to call because you weren't sure.
    maybe if you didnt have the memory of a goldfish on crack you would remember i said 8 muthafuckin 30. ii know i said that time cuz i had estimated how long it would take me to come down from bein high, so i didnt have to hear her bitching. that worked out nicely.

    not trying to take advantage of her, but you're my guardian bitch, you have responsibilities.

    I wish i could do to her what this guy did in this youtube video... fuckkkkkk my fuckin life
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgN8SpG5UlY"]YouTube - Pimp Slap[/ame]

    *end of rant*

    tl;dr: this kid who smokes gets all pissed off cuz his aunt nags at him \t:D.

    and (seriously, read all of this one):

    I am Pissed Off - Wed, 14 Apr 2010 - ULTRA RANT
  2. dude that vid.....:laughing:
  3. +rep for the link. Anyone ever check out peopleofwalmart.com ? Funny ass cell phone pics of the most disgusting people you've ever seen...

    Heres a halfway decent one: Funny Pictures at WalMart Pimp My Scooter Individual results may vary...

  4. Here's some funny pictures i found:


    plaatje1gal1.jpg :laughing:

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