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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by stonerish, May 26, 2009.

  1. an amazing, long, well thought out post for this link, and i loved it, and right before i went to post it, it froze... leaving me only the last 3 paragraphs visible...

    im pretty upset, and as such, am not commenting on this article except that it sheds light on our incorrect perception of animal consciousness... and our future demise or communistic global superstate around 2500... but thats a long way off without radical reform... (military spending has to be simultaneously dropped and spent on scientific advancment... specifically desigining medicine to achieve a longer life.... preventing diseases... and then on the infastructure of the world... connect everything... make it universal... no more brands, just 1 mass produced (locally) government item.... make electricity free, and have the people outfit their houses with solar panels (which were made more efficient) and \

    ok.. thats enough... im tired after my previous one... you guys should have seen it... :(

    Rooks Quickly Learn Tool-Use: Discovery News
  2. bumpp... someone has to care that animals are awesome....

    evolution/life is weird
  3. Yeah, that is pretty neat.

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