I wrote this when out of weed.

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  1. not the greatest. i was bummed and out of weed so i wrote this,

    dragging her feet along the ground
    eyes fluttering shut
    the cloud of smoke wafting around her head

    innumerable hallucinations
    dancing through her sight
    her abstract heart flutters

    she falls
    slowly crumbling
    collapsing into a ragged heap
    of limbs and ashen clothes
    the smoke induced dreams start

    yet once again

    hands of ice grip her mind
    constricting all reason and purpose
    sweating profusely
    the chemical induced endorphins
    streaming through her blood

    can be felt

    slinking, intermingling amongst her veins
    lethargically her pulse returning to normal

    images of a good life
    screeching to a halt
    searching, scrambling,
    for any excuse
    her eyes
    glittering mosaics
    franticly seek a reason
    to convince herself
    to do it
  2. good poem. i enjoyed it.

    now go out and get yourself some bud, you deserve it.

  3. hahaha thanks dudee, and I just diddd:smoke:
  4. i like it : )
    good poem.

    i can only write poems when im high :p otherwise they sound shitty.

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