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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by j88671, Aug 30, 2002.

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  1. if you have a leather glove on and you blow up a bottle rocket in your glove covered hand, will your hand still be badly damaged?...........excuse me, i must admite i am under a wonderful influence
  2. you should try it dude..

    ..for science!
  3. i think ..an m-80 would be the way to go here


  4. LOL
  5. yous guys are a bad influence on me
  6. that avatar is a bad influence on me.
  7. As Forrest Gumps mother said.

    Stupid is as stupid does!!
  8. I once had a firecracker go off in my hand (between my thumb and pointer finger).

    I think if you close your hand around it, the shock wave will hurt your hand even through the glove.

    It\'s not like it\'s shooting shrapnel out of it, it\'s the explosion it\"s self that\"s doing the damage.

    I wouldn\'t try it. :eek:
  9. so do you still have all your fingers?>

    or what?
  10. Hey, you want to set fire to yourself? feel free! lol
  11. hey guys, heres the update. i did try it. ah, the joys of science. well i tired it, but i flipped out once the sparks started and let the ol bottle rocket loose. ya im a pussy i no. well it landed on the garage roof and almost hit a squirrel. but this aint over.......
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