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    Name all the things that you wonder about and are too lazy to look the shit up.

    I wonder if a dog and cat could ever fuck and out of some weird genetic defect produce offspring?

    I wonder why mexicans always get lime green paint on cars?

    I wonder why the motherfuckers who think rapture begins in may used all that hard bullshit fake ass math to calculate the years? (look it up, complete and utter bullshit)

    I wonder if cows trip on their own shrooms?

    I wonder what it feels like to eat dead animals as a vulture?

    I wonder what it feels like to have a female orgasm?

    I wonder what it feels like to have a clit?

    I wonder what the motherfuckers who created any machinery during the industrial revolution were thinking about when they created it? Like fucking

    I wonder if dogs have a sense of time? And why would shit look appetizing to a dog, or shit fetish

    I wonder if sailors really cussed a fuck ton?

    Man I have so many more......

    I wonder constantly what death feels like if religion is not real? Like what would nothingness feel like. One minute you'd be a fully functioning human and the next second "you" would "feel" nothingness. Like what does nothing feel like. "You" wouldnt have memories or thoughts or vision. Man ohhhhhhhh it makes me wonder...ohhhhhhhh it really makes me wonder
  2. I wonder why humanity is destroying itself everyday.
  3. I wonder if there is any ice cream in the freezer
  4. I wonder if i'll get mad rep for this post. :smoke:
  5. I wonder if I peed my pants right now, would anyone notice?
  6. I wonder where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
  7. That was the best game. Me and my sister used to spend many a night traveling around the world in search of that sly bitch in red.
  8. I always wonder what animals are thinking...
  9. I wonder why none of you have bowed down to my squirrelly wrath.....
  10. Sometimes I wonder if I would still be that socially awkward, drugged out riddilin child of the Bush administration if I hadn't tried marijuana.

    Oh, wait...

  11. You would, at least I would hope.
  12. If you hadn't tried marijuana you wouldn't be having such wonderful wonders right now.
  13. This fucking guy :rolleyes:


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