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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I want to tell everyone how happy i am, I won cannaquiz no 1, an eight days, free, trip to Haarlem, HempCity of Holland, including hotel and a daily grass supply
    Willi wortel and the Global hemp museum organised the quiz.

    go to: www.go2weed.com
    for all information, click on cannaquiz because in the meantime they are upgrading and streamlining the site,

  2. Congratulations, you are sooo lucky. I am VERY jealous of you. Although I did not participate in the first quiz, I will most definately be in the 2nd one. I have already registered and plan on sending in my fee soon, I wonder when is the deadline for that... Have fun on your wonderful dream vacation to the marijuana mecca of the world! I cant wait until November so I can experience my vacation dream, it will NEVER be here soon enough.
  3. With such spirit and determination you are sure to win!!!
    Just remember that with every answer you give, imagine you are holding and looking at the cannacase- with this in mind you will recheck your answers until you are 100% positive that they are correct.

    This is what helped me ... :) and I am sure will help you
    Good luck .
    I dont know when the deadline for registration and payment is, but best to send it immediately.
  4. It's in the mail!! I am curious how long it will take to get there, but hopefully it will make it in time. The quiz is supposed to be starting soon, I am just not sure exactly when. I have reviewed the questions on the website from the last quiz and it seemed easy enough. I knew some of the answers without looking for them, although I believe they are going to make this one harder. What do you think, will this next quiz be more difficult?

    Have you scheduled your time to go over and claim your prizes?? I saw on the message board on cannaquiz site that Nol is going to Spain on vacation, hope you dont miss getting to meet him. He seems like he would be a real nice guy and cool to hang out with!!

    Well congrats again!

    Blue~Berry~Smoke :eek:
  5. It shouldnt take too long in getting there, wait about 2 weeks then send them an email asking if it has arrived,
    My friend and I will be going to our cannabis mecca and the cannacase in June,
    We will spend the first week with the cannaguys and then a week with some friends in Amsterdam,
    Nol is having fun on some spanish Ile, I was in Madrid last year and it was Marvelous, The Spainards are all wonderful and they say that all Spain is such a great vacation place.

    One tip, (this worked for me), If you cant find the answers on the websites, some of the answers are not so apparent and easy to find, then phone them or write an email to the guys that the question on who's website it is pertaining to, If you are not sure double check and even send out mass emails to all your friends asking them for help,
    Also do a search on Cnn.com or Britanica.com.
    One of my answers i finally found on CNN.com, after days of clicking on every link in the canaquiz sites.
    Good Luck.


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