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  1. So one day my gf and I were at Barton Creek Mall here in Austin, we passed by some mall-booth that had some contest to win a car and a wheel you spin. I walked past it the first time thinking "Waste of time" then on my way out decided "Why the hell not?"

    So i enter my name for the car, which the drawing has happened for yet but i don't really care because when I spun the wheel it landed on....... WIN! It was the one win out of 50 spots on the wheel.

    At first I was in disbelief. Then the dude who worked there got all excited, onlookers in the mall called me a lucky bastard. My prize? a 4 day 3 night cruise to the bahamas OR Mexico. I choose the bahamas. Everything included, including air fair to Miami only thing it doesn't cover is alcohol on the ship and activities at port.


    FUCK YEA. Never been on a cruise, or even out of the country. Working on getting my passport now, but no rush because I get to choose when to take the cruise and have a year to do (no holidays).

    I'm seriously so stoked. Never won nothing like this befor. I still can't believe it but I got my prize claim certificate and just gotta choose when I want it, and then tickets come in the mail.

    Just a couple questions. How's food on cruise? What are drink prices like? How hard is it to sneak some herb on? Definitely cannot fly from Austin to Miami with buds but maybe I could score some in Miami depending how long I have between getting off the plane and boarding...

    also.... FUCK YEA. SCUBA DIVING.[​IMG]

    ^This is gonna be me.
  2. You better make sure that it's 100% legit - most of the time travel giveaways have some very nasty hidden fees that you won't really find out about unless you read the fine print.

    THINK about it, how much can it be worth if they give out dozens in a day - and believe me they do.

    OR if it's free you'll have to go to some sort of time share thing - like that episode of South Park.
  3. Yea it was a time share, I actually went yesterday it was pretty chill. 2 Hour tour at 10 am. Then a "day pass" to the resort, which had indoor pools, movie theaters, free food/drink, spa, some other cool shit. I told them after the tour I was a broke student and couldn't afford this. The answer they had surprised me "Thats cool, grats on your cruise dude". In fact my tour guide was a 25 year old BRO. Like a bro to be king of all bros. So it was pretty fun. Living like a rich person in a luxury resort for a day and a free cruise.
  4. nothing is free my friend but i can answer your questions, ive been on 2 cruises

    dont take weed or do anything illegal on the boat
    there will be stops you can get off at if you wish, just try finding and smoking there (be safe)
    the food is BOMB and unlimited, breakfast and lunch is usually buffet style and dinner is like restaurrant-waiter style but if you dont like what you order, you can just order something else or you can even order everything on the menu lol
    drinks will be typical bar prices, it really depends on what you order
    if you choose the get off at the stops, the spending will be your money so its all about budgeting properly
    cruises are badass man, everything is so chill, the people are chill, no one to rush you, there are multiple pools and hottubs and saunas and gyms and casinos and so much other shit and hot bitches everywhere, im going on another one summer 2012
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    Nice.. enjoy it man enjoy it..


    also if possible bring your own alcohol .. anything on the cruise will cost double if not triple...
  6. you cant bring your own shit, and its not that expensive, typical big city (Toronto/NYC/Miami) bar prices

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