I wish I had some weed right now

Discussion in 'General' started by InnerPeace, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. So I could just roll up a phat blunt, get faded and read about science or something. Oh well I could still read about science.:confused::eek:
  2. i'm with ya man can't sleep and got no herb :cry:
  3. if theres just some way I can steal my moms xanax without her seeing me :thinking:;)jk
  4. locked up behind xanax barsssssssssss

    well that solves your problem but i'm out of luck...

    i should change my name to NotSmokinGirly
  5. nah were definatley in the same boat. shes still awake and the xanax bottles in her room:( I guess I'll just stay high on life.
  6. well maybe its good that you cant

    stealing is wrong as fuck

    props on the metallica lyrics
  7. i have just two gramms for the whole weekend...and i'll be smokin out my best friend...
    uuhhh..i need to make some phone calls soon...two gramms aint enough for today if i smoke by myself...
    i feel you...:(
  8. I wouldnt really do it, thanks I live by those words
  9. ahha I took a maglight and shined it quickly on the carpet of my car(lots a sessions go down in there) and I found enough weed to get high. I havent smoked it yet. but i will when im bone sober cuz i been rockin on some wine:)
  10. im in the same situation, no bud for a couple weeks now. i need to smoke soon or im gonna lose my mind

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