I whana keep it

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  1. I have glass pipe and I am outta pot I whana clean it but I whant to keep the Resen any Ideas?
  2. break it.
  3. paperclip, lighter, playing card
  4. I understand the paper clip but paying card and what would I use the lighter for
  5. Come on guys its 3a.m and I am bored as fuck I CLEANED MY ROOM!!!!!! I need an answer soon
  6. turn it upside down and heat up the bowl until it starts to smoke. scrap with paperclip then wipe it on the edge of the playing card. actually fold the card into a (^ or L) shape to avoid it from sticking to any surfaces.
  7. Cool thanks you might have just made my day(now to find a paperclip)
  8. safety pin, small flathead screwdriver, swiss army knife.

  9. Give it up you geek.
  10. Ok good news I now have a huge resen ball definatly eough to get High thanks

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