I went shroom huntin'...

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    Alright I suspect these to be pan subbs.

    -I live in PA and I collected them at a horse barn; rotting shit and hay.
    Please if you know anything about mushies please let me know what I have...I will try a spore print. (i know pan subbs are jet black)

    This is what I got..I know it's not a lot.

    this is a suspected pan subb.

    the gills

    another suspect pan subb

    the gills

    stem of suspect pan subb

    the two on the right are suspect pan subbs and an unknown one on the left

    cap of unknown

    gills of unknown

  2. Well i did a little more research and I think they are Pan Foe's... I'll give an update in a hour or so, when the spore print is done. PEACE
  3. Can anyone confirm these as Pan Subbs???

    Here is the spore print...to me it looks black!?? the other spore print was black too!

  4. go to the shroomery.org, ur not gonna find someone as knowledgable about shrooms on here.
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    I beg to differ....
    What color did it bruise?
    Pan subs dont always bruise blue and neither do pan foe.
    Black spore print sounds right.
    They look like they could be pan foe/subb but the ring around the outisde of the cap is not dark/big enough to be sure. The stems also look a little lighter than usual. Were they slimy?
  6. There are a couple of people (who like to keep it on the downlow) who know a SHIT ton about psylocibes.
  7. I think the big question here is....

    WHY is there 3 pictures of the same rabbit?
  8. The million dollar question.
  9. Im pretty sure I heard it had to be blackity black
  10. "guys, every mushroom has a different spore print. lol.
  11. It didn't really bruise.
    I checked the spore print again and it's jet black, so I really think it's pan subbs.
    Pan subbs are the only kind of mushroom in the Pan geno. that have a black spore print i believe and no they are not slimy.
  12. It does look like them :S
    But idk, its a hard one to identify just because its a weird one. Best bet, is to go to shroomery and ask them, they are pros.
  13. you said you got these outta horse shit. i thought shrooms came from cow shit. idk i only had them once but they were already cured so i just ate them. and damn did i trip. but id like to kno as well what all this pan sudd and pan foe/subb means

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