i watched saving private ryan two nights ago...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sweet_lime, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. i was really fucking stoned and saving private ryan was on tv. so were watching it and im thinking o wow this movie looks good. i have always wanted to see an epic movie stoned cuz a lot of people (actually from this website) told me that watching a serious movie makes it seem 10 times more serious.

    im more than half way into the movie when i start watching it and im at the scene where they set a trap for the nazis to come. it was cool when the americans were kicking ass but then the amo boy started slacking off and more nazis are coming. so now everyone is running out of amo. holy shit i have never thought a movie can get so intense. what really got me was when the nazis killed the snippers. oh my god he fucking stabbed that guy sooooo slowly. it felt like i was fucking there. i felt sooo sad that the amo guy was right there and he had to listen to all those people die. i had to change the channel. it was too intense for me.
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  2. I was blazed out and my dumbass friend put in Saving Private Ryan, and normally I only watch comedies high. It get's to the part where they're at Omaha beach and I was just like, "...fuck this shit", and turned it off. I hate serious movies when I'm high and seeing bodies split in half isn't very fun.

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