i was just an innocent honor students that got turned into a pothead...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by twilightXtoker, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. yea i NEVER thought id do drugs...then i got to a point in my life where i needed the relief

    so wuts yor stories??? why did all of you guys start smoking???
  2. Eh, there wasn't really a reason, I wasn't depressed or bored it was just something that I really wanted to try. It's quite amazing actually, about a year ago I knew NOTHING about weed, but now I know so damn much.
  3. curiosity killed the cat but it just gave me a habbit hah
  4. i doubt that everyone on GC is a stereotypical pothead...anyone else share my experience?
  5. it started off experimenting, ive tried alot of different drugs

    but than i came across weed and than

    i fell in love with Mary Jane :D

    and we were inseparable ever since :smoking:
  6. well i did it last year for just alil and this year right before 420 i started toking at school just like that , i got offerd to go smoke so i said waht the hell and then i did it more and more and more enjoyed the high so just did it ... ussualy i do it when im bored today was actually my last day smoked bout 1.5 enjoyed my day now im out of weed low on cash , my guy is gone so im out for bout 1 month im fuking pist ... but thats life me and maryjane went threw good times
  7. First smoked when i went camping when I was 15 but didn't get high. Then didn't smoke until I was 17 and got high... Pretty much being smoking usually once a week for the past 1.5 years. The key is not to abuse it by doing it daily or say good bye to your memory.
  8. First time I smoked was at a party last year. Then about a week after that I got it again and then for a while it was every friday and now its daily for like the last 8 months. With little breaks hear and there only like 3-4 days at most.
  9. im prob just like u ... i started out around 16 still inhighschool.. rpide of the family etc... then mybest friend who moved out about 10,000 miles away got in contact with me and told me he was a pot dealer and etc... then wen i flew out there got stoned for the first time... liked it but didnt like not being able to control myself... then one of my friends was a stoner and i never knew.. so he got me to smoke again.. and this time i loved it.. ever since i just love to blaze up every once in a while.... i now own my own $500 million company... known as ISSI and i still toke every here and there... not every pothead is a failure
  10. mannnnnn i remember back in 9th grade when i used to get straight A's and would be pissed off when i would get A minuses.

    now i just barely pass hahaha
  11. ever since i started smoking my grades improved a lil better

    its crazy how some people have the opposite effect

  12. yea i've definitely become a smarter and more chill person, i'm smarter in a social setting, like i know how to make friends, talk to girls so much better than before i started smoking.

    i'm just not book smart anymore.
  13. i think my best friend got me in to it, he had done it before and he approached me about it, and i havent looked back
  14. so which company are you the silocon or the science and space? just curious.
  15. THe same thing happen to me, i was an honor student one day. Then a few weeks later im skipping school for a wake n bake. but u know what that commercial says "Life come at u fast, smoke some weed" r maybe i say that i ono,
  16. i used to think back in 9th grade that only fuck up kids smoked weed. but then i realized around 10th everyone basially did. i also got used to high school at this point anyway. i wasnt in the dark about weed though, i knew my brother and his friends did their fair of fun drugs in the past.

    i guess what eventually led to trying it was seeing my friend become a stoner, and it seemed a little less 'fucked up'. so yeah he got me to eventually try it, and then when i got high i finally understood.

    but i dont see why you have to be a stereotype to be 'allowed' to smoke weed. honor student, drop out, athlete, i dont think it makes a difference.

    one of my good friends now who smokes mabye more than all my friends was an 'honor student'. hes going to michigan now, but we didn't care that he didnt smoke befor ehe started hanging out with us.
  17. well i started at the ripe young age of 15 as a honors student. my grades started failing cause i was always stressing about my grades and my parents,cause they were going threw a divorce and fucking for custody over me. So someone offered it to me i tried it and i had smoked before when i was alot younger.Also my dad smoked so i didnt see it as bad.

    after i smoked my grades improved to 90s no joke sort of ironic. 4 years later,im still puffing and passing.
  18. I did the opposite. I said, fuck the gateway drugs.. I'm going right into the gateway. I tried blow and Ex. Didn't like any of it. The Ex would never hit me hard enough and the blow was just a one time try thing. So now, here I am; a straight B student about to get into UCLA with a small scholarship. I get high once a week and party as often as humanly possible!!

    THE END!! :wave:
  19. Yea the last time I burned one I realized that my parents raised me in a very very sheltered environment. Weed helped expand my mind to boundaries completely inconceivable under my parent's care. So I guess weed is a product of my sheltered life.
  20. my first time was just the beginning of last summer and then not again till New Years and been growing steadily since then, up to several times a week. I was depressed and shit in highschool so i never really went to school and never hung out with anyone so I never got into it unfortunately. My parents/family kinda scared me away from shit cause my family has a long history of 'addictions' i just say fuck it though. I was always pretty smart, its kinda nice now though I don't thin about shit 1/2 as much as I used to.

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