I was fucked up the other night feeling way too good

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    This girl that I think likes me came by my house and my friends have been saying that I should take her out or something. So I saw her and she was tired so she decided to leave. She was also really drunk.
    I then got the idea to run down the street and tell her that I am in love with her. I honestly think she is in love with me as well and thats what all my friends and roommates tell me. They say its obvious.
    She then tells me I am way too drunk, and that I don't love her, I just keep explaining no matter what I still want to be friends with her and I gave her a hug and she hugged me back. I was supper fucked up but I really meant what I was saying. I wasn't looking to get laid I just wanted to tell her I like her.
    She then asked me to walk her home so I did and she said that she liked that I was there with her on the way home and I swear she blushed when I said good by.
    I asked her out to coffee and she said she wants to still go as friends because of our friend ship. We have known each other for a very long time and I was trippin about it.
    Just today she stopped by my place randomly and talked to me for a little about her day then she had leave to the store. Do you guys think she likes me more than a friend?
    She still stops by randomly and my roommate thinks she is still into me, I haven't been able to talk to her 1 on 1 yet
    I need to smoke 4 dabs and forget about this for 15 hours :bongin:

  2. Why can't the initial assumption just be that a girl want to talk to somebody?
    90% of the time, girls aren't thinking about dick.
    It's just the other way around for men. 
  3. Lmao ready to jump the gun right? Haha. A lot of men do this and idk why. Well, I know why. Their dick talks first.
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    I don't know man she stares into my eyes when I talk to her, and she hangs around me way too much. Last 4 nights I brought her home, 1 night I don't remember. The other night she was super fucked up and I took care of her and played Xbox and dabbed because it was early. Then the other night she was drunk and acting weird and I told her I love her and she didn't react to badly to it. She didn't say she didn't like me. I honestly can talk about anything to this girl.
    I have never been this close to her and she keeps coming over more and more. She came over in basically booty shorts the other week and she was looking so seductive but thats just me.
    She comes to me when ever she runs into bad stuff, and she has told me that she feels safe around me and trusts me. Its about her eyes she was staring supper hard at me and I always catch her glancing at me.
    I have been friends with her for 4 years though
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    Sure, it's my fault for posting, but it's like feeding an addict. 
    But the thing is, you said she was drunk. Nothing counts or means anything when they're drunk. It all cancels out. 
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    Well, ask her out already. Don't make an obvious situation more complicated than what it is.

    Ok I'm sorry :(. Log off now, do what you gotta do and reward yourself afterwards by toking. :smoking:
  7. Last thing. This is true... but OP talk to her specifically and see what her true feelings are. We can't assume what she's feeling. That's why you must talk to her 1 on 1. Give her a phone call or ask to talk to her in person while sober so it's real with no alterations of the state of the mind... ex. dabbing/drinking alcohol
  8. Exactly.
    And it was like, what, 4 dabs?
    Do you know how horny I can get after taking a bunch of dabs? I once fucked a giant 5 foot teddy bear. (The synthetic fur was REALLY smooth). DON'T tell me friend I did that. Long time ago. 
    I see her all the time though. I see her sober, I see her drunk, I see her high. Last time she was over she was giving me these deep stares.
    I am going to talk to her about it when I take her out to coffee 100% sober
  10. Good man. I wish you luck and update!
    Will do!
  12. Just ask her straight up man, it sounds to me like she's maybe trying to protect your friendship from a relationship that could potentially ruin it all, (I hope it wouldn't), but if you ask her when you're both sober and maybe tell her how you feel, that you really meant what you said the other night then she should hopefully open up to you about how she feels.
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    Yeah, this isn't offensive at all....
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    Yeah for sure, she used to have a boyfriend 3 months back and I knew she had a boyfriend because I was friends with her so I wasn't interested in her at all but I viewed her as a good friend I was definitely not as close to her as today. Once she dumped her boyfriend she started acting differently and even when she had her boyfriend she would show interest in me so it was weird when I would see her when her boyfriend was around because sometimes I would be talking more with his girlfriend than he would.
    Im for sure going to tell her I pretty much already did and she knows, I saw her yesterday and talked to her for a minute or two and there was nothing weird it was around friends so it wasn't really a good place to talk about it. I think she wanted to see me because she randomly stopped by and was totally cool about talking to me.
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    Point, set, match. She's probably trying to protect the friendship, but ask her, though. Communication is key.
    Edit: Seriously, though, having a female friend like that is not a bad thing. Just think about how many girls she could introduce you to. Just saying.
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    Yeah but I am through with other girls and I know her so well. The last girl I was with was so damn good looking but she was had some flaws that is for sure and I was friends with her before we went out I only new her for 6 months. At least I know this girl really well and thats what I like about it, she is predictable to me and I am always happy and fun times with her. 
  17. so...? make your move already.
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    How is it offensive? Let's be real here, a some guys do think with their dicks. Just like how some females want a guy for his money. That's why it's important as a female not to just jump in like that. That's why it's important for a guy to know if he's being used.
    I think he was "ready to jump the gun" because he has a crush on this girl and, in his drunken confident state/stupor, confessed his feelings for her (although he came on way too strong). You make it sound as though solely lust clouded his judgement, when it seems as though his attraction to her is more emotional and based in an interest that has developed during the course of a long term, but platonic, relationship. I think the alcohol affected his decision making ability (obviously), and essentially exposed his true feelings at an inappropriate time. Did he really exhibit any behavior that would leave us to believe that he was "thinking with his dick"? If the genders were reversed, would the girl not be wearing her heart on her sleeve?
    Sure, I think the OP was immature in stating he 'loved her' and acted foolishly in an intoxicated state. However, to simply explain away this behavior as "thinking with [his] dick" is pretty rude and narrow-sighted.
    Hopefully that makes some sense to you. Men are actually more complicated than women want us to believe. It is somewhat taboo for men to express emotion openly, and men often express emotion uniquely from the ways in which women express emotion. I am obviously looking too deep into this, but I believe you looked to shallowly into it - so maybe we can synthesize our viewpoints and meet on common ground.
  20. Well, I don't think this should have been taken so seriously. I was just responding to UnsuspiciousUsername and not in context with OP'S post. Just in general.

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