I was body slammed by my gym teacher in hs

Discussion in 'General' started by skurfy007, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. shit was fucked up, could i have sued this bastard?

    hes dead now from a heart attack so guess karmas a bitch

    All i did was flip him off and he came at me and body slammed my ass, personally now that i think of it i think he was a tweaker.
  2. and your just talkin about this now.

    yeah you coulda sued him .
  3. You probably shouldn't have given a teacher the middle finger in the first place..

  4. hahaha funny
  5. times 3!
  6. yeah thought about it when guy in pandora posted his dodgeball topic cause we were playing DB that day

    damn i probably could be a little bit richer if i sued
  7. so what did you do after he bodyslammed you? you just got up?
  8. i got winded and went to the nurses office. not much i could do to him

    i wasnt the only kid that was hurt by him tho.

    he did something to a friend of mine he broke his arm somehow and now he has limited range of motion and has pins in his arm.

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