I warned him.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bajhshot, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I told him not to hit the hash oil out of the gravity bong, be he was adamant.

    My dad is 64 yrs old and has Nueropathy, he was hurting real bad so I told him I have the meds LOL.

    Well i bring him the little ball, he wants more saying that it isnt enough. I laugh and told him to be patient.

    Well we both toke on it from the GB once. He says he is okay and I go to bed.

    Well, get up this morning, and my dad tells me that "holy shit i was so stoned I had to have help to the bathroom" his bathroom is in the same room!(built it himself i might add)

    Told him Hash is no joke lolol

    lmfao, he wants a second round tonight. :cool:
  2. Lawl tell him to go fap he'll be in for a fun night
  3. lol wuttt^
  4. Haha great story, time to break out my G-Bub soon! You have inspired me :smoke:
  5. LOL he is currently passed out. He took the hit I was going to take. Old man can toke harder than I thought. Very nice.
  6. lol that reminds me when I smoke with my dad. He always gets dizzy then passes out.. He's a little older than yours
  7. I used to smoke with my friends all the time.
  8. i wanna smoke a bowl of hash in a gravity bong...
  9. Can I come?
    I want to be that high.
  10. that is so badass and the best part is i just picked up hash today!!!! hash is so good dude i took one bong rip and was domed for hours i think ive had like 5 hits today and ive been constantly stoned all day..
  11. The hash in America is really shit compared to the real thing.

    How much did out get it for man if you don't mind me asking?
  12. never had hash.... :(
  13. i love old people who smoke. you think the stories are good normally, get an old man high. now those are some stories.

  14. agreed. when i was living in arkansas hangin with my redneck friends, we got their grandpa high on some kush....he's like 70 or so

    hadnt smoked in literally decades

    but he was a vietnam vet, still had allllllll his guns, medals, etc.

    he had some insane stories....
  15. Yea my dad has his fair share of stories truth be told. I learned more about my dad from his smoking stories in a couple of years than I did the first 20 LOL.

    Weed has a good habit of bringing people together.

  16. I did not buy it. I made it from some oogie boogie trimmings I had before I shut my shit down. :)

    Still riding high on that shit too, lol, lasts a long time because it takes only a little!
  17. He has now decided that he will not hit the hash again.

    I guess its too much for some folks lol!! Not me though :D:smoke:

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