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I want weed out of my system..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Tenninethousand, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Basically, life just feels like a big blur now...I can't remember anything from this past year. I'm doing shitty in my classes, and I just need to stop smoking so much and become sober for a while. I know to pass a drug test, you can take a detox drink to clean your system of weed...but will you actually feel the difference? Like, will you still have the effects of weed in your system such as bad memory...just being slower in general? And if so, what is a way that I could get the feeling of THC out of my system as quick as possible? Thanks
  2. Drink water and work out. I have a job where I am moving and such all day, so I drink a lot anyways, I can clean up in about a week doing so. Just drink as much water as you can and pee as much as you can.

    As far as the detox drink, they only last about two hours if I remember correctly, they don't detox you, so much as mask the amount of THC in your system for a short period of time but its enough to pass a drug text if you have a scheduled time.
  3. hey man, nobody likes a quitter. :) but seriously, you wont feel shit for a difference from those drinks. if you want to feel thc free (why i dont know. sounds like crazy talk to me) just dont smoke.
  4. Time is the only answer. There is no magical way to detox. For what it's worth, the effects of THC do not last very long at all, so if it's been more than a couple of days since you smoked and you still feel like that then it's either psychological or there is something else wrong.
  5. I think it has to do more with the food we eat & how we keep ourselves in physical fitness than the pot we smoke, I feel like what we intake into our stomach has more to do than what we take into our lungs. I've stopped smoking for a while & still felt like shit, I started back smoking but changed my eating habits & felt very well, I started playing ball again & running & all kinds of activities.
    I never feel a need to tell somebody not to quite smoking pot, maybe we all need to quite...I dont know, but I do feel a need to defend MJ a little bit here & there.

    MJ is supposed to make you fell good, if its not, then I allways say its something else going on in your system, this will most likely be no help at all, its not specificly targeted for dope, but shit check it out anyway.
  6. Davy that's not necessarily true, though what you eat is very very important. Cannabis affects different people in different ways and it's not for everyone. Some people either cannot keep their use in proper moderation or it has undesireable effects on them. Not everyone has to use cannabis.

  7. Oh I agree with you there oldskool, its just that it seems everytime somebody here as a little ill effect or stomach ache they point the finger first at MJ. A lot of tokers post things about how the Gov bullshits us about how MJ is killing us, then they post about how its all propaganda, but yet they are the first ones thinking that MJ has messed them up, nothing else...its just gotta be the pot. The Gov must be right.

    Although, I am speeking from my own 20+ years of smoking experience here. The bottom line is, if in fact you are someone that does have actual problems associated with smoking MJ then that is a lagitamate reason to quite all together, and probably would have discovered that before becoming a member here & posting in the seasond tokers section. It would be hard to find anybody that loves smoking good pot more than me, but I do realize that there is a life without it, and just maybe there are somethings that I'm doing & not realizing that enables me to consume large quatities over many years without one single adverse effect on my body...*knocks on wood*

    Now, we will just have to agree to disagree on this one...haha, because I know a few tight ass robots right here at work than need a big fatty.

    peace oldskool...
  8. i'v been a smoker for 15 yrs about 5 to 6 jizzies a day, and i can personally say that TONS OF water,nician(b3),b-12,cranberry juice ,vinagar working out did not help me in any way. just like the internet web searches said. i pissed 4 times dirty and i havent smoked in 5 months quit cold turkey, i relized the marijuana does nothing but mess up one's life, job,school,life in general. it is diffrent for everyone, if you are a weekend warror then you should not have problems with cleaning out one's system, but for hardcore users then good luck. im not going to say that everyone should stop, but atleast finish high school before marijuana becomes apart of one's life(its a killer) well im done ranting and raving.
  9. I suppose you can consider a kit:


    After that just eat healthy, take a multivitamin, etc. You should be doing that even while smoking, but if you aren't then start now. Being healthy has a lot to do with how you feel and can affect memory, etc.
  10. wow, i think my memory actually improved when i was under the influence. i did much better in my classes
  11. Honestly man you just gotta use it in moderation. You gotta know when to smoke and when not to smoke. But some people can smoke all the time and function well in school/work. You basically gotta know your own limits.
  12. For me, I usually feel BETTER if I wake up nice and early so I can eat a good breakfast and take my time getting ready for the day, and if I keep myself nice and hydrated all day long (Drink lots of water/tea/etc. not soda or energy drinks or coffee or whatever), also eating GOOD foods not fast food or even stuff like Subway or other "not quite fast-food" stuff, working out a little bit (Even if its just doing a few pushups and/or going for a run or bike ride), and if I force myself to be productive all day long, I feel fresh/clean even if I've been smoking and drinking a lot during the past week or more.
    I understand how you feel, been there believe me, but like everyones said, take care of yourself and smoke in moderation, you'll feel better than ever.
    Maybe try the whole eating well / staying in shape / forcing yourself to be PRODUCTIVE for the entire day, and then after dinner and when all your work is done, sit down and smoke a little bit, you'll feel GREAT, you'll still be smoking weed, but you'll feel better about yourself.
    Good luck man!
  13. The mantra is, you'll feel happier if you do everything in moderation

    It can make you happier in the long term if you practice this. But a quick way to feel "high" drug free is excercise, taking up a new hobby (not related to stoner culture), and becoming social to new people.
  14. holy shit dude I just posted somethng that sounded exactly like this hahaha
  15. why does it need to be out of your system, its not like you stay high for days. Itll get out of your system on its own in 20-30 days
  16. take a tbreak and get things in order, dont let bud control your life, let it enhance your life.
  17. sounds like ur smokin crappy weed lol
  18. Pretty much

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