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I want to use my girl's clean pee for a test!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by greenmama, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. :confused:We came up with the idea of my girlfriend pissing in a cup and us pouring it in a condom... then tie it up and put it in my cooch to sustain body temp. Anyone ever done this before? The test is unsupervised cus it's for insurance. I'm a smoke all day kinda mama and also nice headies too so I am scared to try the masking drinks.:smoke:
  2. Should have posted in apprentice tokers.

    But that idea will work.
  3. yep. They are just checking for signs of drug use (hopefully your girl is telling the truth about being drug free) and not DNA.
  4. Nah homie what you need to do is just carry a mason jar with warmers wrapped around them. They dont search you do they?
  5. OHH yea that will work:rolleyes: Because you can REALLY sneak a HUGE mason jar into a drugtest office(sarcasm)
  6. "Just stick it down yo' pants homie"---- Some crackhead.

    Lmfao at the mason jar.....

    They probably aren't going to DNA test.
  7. #7 greenmama, Jan 27, 2009
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    :smoke:yeah she's clean...i call her my little un-tainted flower friend. We're close, shes fun to hang with even know i am puffin by myself. I doubt i can take a bag in...
  8. DNA is composed of amino acid and protein, they wouldn't find out much about your smoking habits through studying the millions of combinations of amino acids.
  9. The only potential problem is if they run any tests for female hormones, such as a pregnancy test. I know at least one person who, while being male, used female urine and got busted because it turned out she was pregnant. Most labs don't run full assays on the samples though so you'll probably be just fine. Make sure you keep it warm though; the DO test temperature.
  10. i think op is female...

    you should be fine :)
  11. make sure its not a pre-lubricated condom, then the piss will get all mixed up with the lube and that shit just wont do. Also try and get a temp. strip from a hospital or somewhere and use that to make sure its between 91-94 degress F* before you pour it out.

    How long do you have before the test?

    i would suggest a 7 day pill detox you can get online, or just get some fake piss mix from a head shop and it works, i've used it about 15 times now.

  12. DOH! My bad. That's what I get for getting out of bed at 3am (insomnia).
  13. Make sure she isn´t pregnant !!
  14. Insomnia?

    With all your beautiful herb? I think not sir. :wave:
  15. Why do you think I got out of bed for awhile? :D

    Just got up for real now...making bacon.
  16. With eggs, toast, coffee, nuggets and hash i believe?

    Haha. We totally hi-jack every thread.
  17. you could probably get her to piss in one of those orange pill bottles and put it between your legs. that would probably work better for two reasons.

    one, because it will maintain your body temp so as not to be suspicious.

    two, because it is easier to screw the cap back on and peace out when your done instead of worrying about dealing with the remnants of a popped condom with pee leaking out of it.

    just make sure you fill it enough so they don't make you come back and do it again.

    good luck.
  18. #18 flowerchild, Jan 27, 2009
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    Nah, man those pill bottles aren't meant to hold liquid, I'm sure they'd leak everywhere.

    Plus the thick plastic between the pee and whatever warm spot you plant it will probably make it harder to keep it at the right temp.

    As for the piss-leaking condom,
    I was more concerned with passing the test than getting a drop of one of my friends pee on me :laughing:
    I just took some paper towels and wrapped it really really really well and it worked fine.

    If you are a girl , this method will work, HANDS DOWN

    I speak from experience. I took a job as a home health aide a few months ago and was a little scared because I too am a smoke all day lady :smoke:

    I got my girl to piss in a cup, then I washed the condom out like craaaaaazy & poured it in, and tied it off.

    Have some hothands/thermacare patches ready to go, pop em open and wrap the
    peepee well in it.

    I wore a slightly too big bra for my test- put the pee wrapped in thermacare patches in my bra, along with a needle to poke it.

    Just strolled in there, went in the bathroom, unwrapped everything and popped the condom, pouring it into a cup. Stashed the rest of the shit back in my bra, capped the cup and PASSED THE TEST


    it works, i garun-goddamn-tee it :smoke: :D
  19. FLOWERGIRL-- how did you make sure the temp was warm enough but not too warm cus everyone's been saying how important it is that it be like within a small range like 92-98 or something.:confused:
  20. #20 stickydankness, Jan 28, 2009
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    OP if youre not a girl, disregard my whole post i jusr got confused on what gender you were while reading all these posts...

    i know a girl that said her sister did this for a DT...sounds dumb (and kind of perverted on an open forum) but she passed..

    she took a film canister and got her friends piss, she then cleaned out the film canister and filled it with piss...then she took aluminum foil (maybe something better can be substituted? foil sounds too sharp but Im not a girl so maybe it wont matter just dont sound good) and covered the top tightly and then put on a rubberband so the piss couldnt leak out...she then put it in her vag a few hours before the test (probably should*NT* walk around with this in so it doesnt open or cut you) to get it warm and since her test was supervised she was good she just took her finger and pushed it in enough to break the foil...

    apologies to anyone who thought this wasnt appropriate for this forum, but i thought she could use it...

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