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I want to try pot.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zen Master, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Well, I've done pot before. Once or twice at a party, and a few others times. But nothing recent. I tried Spice/Cloud 9 Mad Hatter incense with my hookah, didn't give me the mellow-deep feeling, but this "OMG, my heart is fucking fast and why are the colors all edgy." I mean it was okay, but it aint the good stuff.

    So am I'm asking, how do I find people who have pot? Is there anybody in Tacoma? Tips, advice, etc?

    Thanks! :wave:
  2. Ask your friends, or siblings who smoke to hook you up. Tell em you're looking to smoke and need a dealer, they should introduce you to some people.
  3. problem is most of my friends are kind of anal, and don't do pot/drink/have fun/enjoy life. and i got no siblings. but i guess make new ones with those who do? but how do i know they toke? i don't want to just start asking everybody at random or is that actually the way to go?
  4. Make new friends for the sake of their friendship, then ask if they smoke or know anyone that does when hanging out.
  5. Washington...shouldn't be hard. Ask your friends if they're curious to smoke, im sure a few are, then journey around for bud. One of your friends has to know a dude, or at least know a dude that knows a dude.

    Lol do pot
  6. Yeah i dident know much people who smoked, well atleast i dident like them. But i made some new friends, just went up to him and we just cliqued right away. Then i told him this crazy story about when me and my brother were high and he told me he smokes too and now he introduced me to a couple dealers.
    Just make some friends who like to smoke and such.
  7. I know how you feel. My mates are anal. Dont relax. Very Opinionated. But I have one mate who will smoke with me every now and then. Tbh I'm the guy out of my mates who get the weed :/
  8. Spice/ K2 is dangerous.. don't do that shit.
  9. you need to make friends who smoke pot basically. from there you will definitely be able to grab some bud because someone will know a guy.
  10. Ask the people you smoked with at the party and don't do spice it makes your brain bleed
  11. Just go to a party and find the people smoking and ask them if they know where you can get some bud. Or look for the stoners at your school.
  12. get a medical recommendation. hang out with stoners, just start living at some of their houses, that's the best way in WA... or be willing to drive to go pick up... I dunno, would facebook work? Seems dangerous.... dunno why...
  13. i want to try pot too....:D:bolt:
  14. You said you tried it once or twice at a party. That sounds like an opportunity to me... Next time you go to a party ask the kids who are smoking if they know where you could get a bag.
  15. I have some anal friends and some open friends. I just keep my smoking on the DL, you know?
  16. Well I seem to be really good at finding other stoners. An easy way to see what their view on pot is is to simply bring it up. My girl friend is in school to become a dentist and her classmates are all super smart and you wouldn't expect them to smoke pot, I mean these are people who are dedicating more than 8 years just to education! Needless to say, I thought they were all tight asses. Boy was I wrong. They work hard and play even harder, I had some of them stoned as shit before you knew it. Just bring it up, most people who like to smoke pot like to talk about pot.

  17. Indeed.
  19. I guess just party and meet people and find out if anyone smokes weed a lot or often, find out where they get from and jump in.

    I remember when I had nowhere to get from for a while I talked to a really old friend of mine who I hadn't known for a while and it turned out he was a grower, hehe..

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