I want to try acid

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  1. I don't know much about it, should I take 1 or 2 hits? Where should I be when I do it? This is going to be my first time, so please tell me everything you know about it. Also should I do it by myself or with someone?
  2. Take one. Two if you really want but it could be intense for a first time. You should be in a comfortable place where you have nothing to worry about. Make sure you're not nervous at all and just go with whatever happens. If you start scared, it could end up being a bad trip. At home would be good if you live by yourself. Always have one person with you who isn't tripping and make sure you trust him to watch you and not fuck with you.
  3. I took 4 hits my first time. The problem with the hits, though, you don't know how strong they are. All depends on who made it. Anyways I took 2 @ 10:30pm, didn't feel anything around midnight so took another 2, started seeing tracers ~12:30am and good god that was a good night :hello::hello::hello:
  4. dont just pop 3 right off the bat if you havent done it before, like stated ^^above...you dont know how good they are until you try it. Start with 1 and take more depending on how you feel, go slow though.

    Also make sure someone is with you, last thing you want to be is alone if you start to have a bad trip....and do it in a nice relaxing environment that you feel safe in.
  5. I just had my first acid experience on saturday (2 days ago), and it was easily the best drug experience of my life.

    There were 5 of us, including me. It was myself and one others first acid trip too. The other 4 were going somewhere, so I went and picked up 10 hits of some nice acid while they were away. Around 12 they picked me up and we started to smoke. By 12:30 we had all taken 1 hit. Myself and one other person took another hit at 2:30.

    All of us had a fantastic trip. I would recomend being in a place you feel comfortable, with some close friends who are also going to trip. Listen to relaxing music. I'd recomend the grateful dead, pink floyd, the beatles, etc. Smoke throughout, explore around you, look at the stars, clouds, sunrise, etc. I found all of these to be extremely beautifull.

    I'd suggest starting with 1 hit. Wait for it to kick in. This will take anywhere from 1-2 hours, so be patient. You dont want to take another hit to early, cause that could be too much.

    Enjoy your trip :hippie: :wave:

  6. fixed.
  7. I took 2 hit at once and trip balls all night all.
  8. So are you guys saying I should do it with someone? Or should I do it by myself?
  9. acid can be pretty easy goin, especially with one hit, you can be alone for some of your trip and hang out with friends for a different portion, youll have a lot of fun.
  10. Deffinitly do it with people. Id suggest dropping acid with 2-4 other friends, at least 1-2 of wom have done acid before, and know what to expect.
  11. do it in the woods at the middle of the night. make sure you are with no one else in a place you are unfamiliar with. dont bring a flashlight either, they trip you out, that is bad, you will have a bad trip. Just make sure you dont bring a cellphone either.
  12. hahaha thatd be interesting:rolleyes:

    go try that out and tell us how it goes
  13. alright, but I ask my friends if they want to do it with me and they didn't want to. So do you think I should now do it by myself?
  14. Lol no. Go into a forest, set up 3 tents, bring some friends, make a big fire with a huge pile of wood for later, and chill out with like 10 buds.

  15. Thats actually a good idea.
    I think I'll do that with a couple of my buddies this summer when I get my car.

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