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  1. I'm a solo acoustic artist.
    I want to start making money for performing my music.
    I have written many many songs I could tour with,
    about 85. For the most part all on acoustic guitar,
    written and played by me alone.
    My question, to anyone who knows,
    where do I start?
    I just want to play my music for a crowd
    and get payed for doing it,
    preferably on a consistent basis.
    I live 15 minutes from Milwaukee,
    but I am willing to travel,
    but only if I know there's money in it,
    because right now I have no job,
    and damn near no money.
    Let's see if any of my fellow stoners can help me out.
  2. I'm a solo acoustic (mostly) artist as well. Thing is you can't make the assumption that you will be getting played. If you're unemployed, get a job. You will need to play a lot of free shows and work up a fan base, once you do that, club owners will be able to see how much $$$ you can pull in for their business. It's all about them getting their $, not you. You have to have a passion for playing music live, not a passion to make money. I barely make enough to cover my travel costs, but I don't care about the money all that much. I just love playing in front of people. The fans can tell what you're in it for, so treat them right and they will treat you right. Hope that helps a bit, I would type more but I'm headed to town to play a show pretty soon. ;)
  3. Oh, and I quick though before I'm off, you should get to know all the other bands/artists/owners that you can. You gotta network as much as possible. Good luck blade!

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