I want to start taking cold showers.

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  1. I can be a bit of a wimp. I’d like some inspiration. Who here does them?
  2. You don't. Back in 2016 I had no warm water for three months. Luckily in late summer.
    It was so terrible I had to have had at least 4 beers before showering.

    That last sentence is grammatically correct ain't it? English is a funny language
  3. Boooooooooooooooooooo inspire me
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  4. Your Kidding right.....................LOL
    I take a lukewarm shower and rinse with nothing but Cold
    Makes me feel invigorated
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  5. I've tried that years ago. Kinda did what Stiggy recommends, start warm then rinse cold. Alternately just progressively make your showers colder over a period of days/weeks. I'm more partial to a blast of cold right at the end but I don't do it as part of my routine.
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  6. When we had the lake house we bathed in the lake every morn
    Spring summer and fall
  7. I Love to do it on Hot nights
    Cools the body right the fuck down
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  8. Man Up
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  9. My husband calls me a lobster because I like to take my showers hot, hot, hot but because he and I shower together I start off hot and gradually cool it down until it's cold enough for him to get in.

    I think start off your usual preferred heat and cool it down while you're in there. Over time just gradually lower the starting heat until you're at your goal. I have heard that cold showers are better for you and in the summer time the hot showers can be uncomfortable even for me.
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  10. You're lucky. I had to stop taking hot showers and baths after I started developing dyshidrotic eczema, a few itchy "bug bite" blisters, between my fingers and toes. It's nothing too terrible just a sign my skin doesn't like hot hot water.
  11. New Avatar for you LOL
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