I want to help my mom with her "depression"

Discussion in 'General' started by John Lennon, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. My mom and I used to be very close friends when I was a teenager. Even though I got kicked from school back then, she stayed by my side and supported me a lot.

    However, as time passed, problems in my family became worse. Were not poor but where not in a good situation. My mom has a lot of debts now, problems at her job, problems with my dad...etc. She´s sad almost all the time, and worried. She also suffers painful headaches (migraine?).
    I know even if I get a job, I wouldnt be able to help her.

    I told her that I smoke weed, she took it easy at first, but now, she gets annoyed if she discovers Ive been smoking. But thankfully, she knows that weed isnt crack or something like that and that Im not an addict. I think weed can make her feel better (helping with the stress, the headaches...)
    So, I offered her to smoke some weed with me, but she refused.

    How can I help her? Any ideas?
  2. yeh man, it's not easy though, but simple as fuck, actually.
    she's gotta really all this shit, does not really matter - at all.
    she needs to get into meditation or kundalini yoga. plus start excersising regularly and keep a good, clean diet.
  3. If she has clinical depression as determined by a professional then professional help is what you seek.
    I remember when I was growing up back in the 50's & 60's my mother had depression & was hospitalized a couple of times a year. Back then the pro's the used electric shock as a remedy, thankfully they don't do that anymore, but there are medications.
    Good Luck:D
  4. You need to advise her to go speak with a medical professional. Offering her weed probably wasn't the best idea. Its really not a cure-all, and it could actually worsen her depression. If she is seriously depressed she needs to seek outside help.

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