I want to go on an adventure and fight evil. Seriously.

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  1. Many a times I blaze I often end up doin one of my favourite things in life. Something I've been doin for as far back as I can remember, and that is to play video games. I love video games especially adventure ones. Games like Zelda have the power to transport you to another world and live an adventure.

    Well, I'm sick of this fake bullshit. I suddenly had an epiphany a while ago, maybe blazed maybe not. I want the real deal. The real experience. I want to go on an actual full fledged adventure. Whether or not that means fighting evil, I can't really say that could happen. Evil people these days either have guns, or cell phones. No one really wants to commit crimes on horseback and a sword these days, and I don't want to join the police. They're normally about as crooked as the people they put away:rolleyes:.

    And no, that does not mean I want to go bungee jumping or go on a little hike with checkpoints and a cold beer waiting for me back at some lounge either. I really, actually want to put myself in a situation where I would have to survive. Somewhere wild, not my backyard or a forest. For those who get the Discovery Channel or are familiar with shows like Man vs Wild or Survivor man, I basically want to do that.

    Whether or not people come with me on this adventure, I'm not sure. Probably, might be plain suicide going out alone in some wilderness. I dunno, I'm 18 and I have a thirst for a real adventure. I'm guessing I would have to learn survival techniques and first aid and shit, but you know, I would do it.

    Anyone have any ideas about what I could do? Do other people have this craving for adventure & danger?
  2. Get lost in a forest at night and eat an 8th of shrooms (with friends of course).
    It's one hell of an adventure.:D

  3. Watch the movie Into the Wild. That dude goes and lives in the wild. He doesn't have a 'fight evil' kind of adventure, but whatever.

    Also, I'm down for an adventure.
    My friends and I always said we were gonna buy full sets of armor/medieval clothing from the local Renaissance Festival, and go into the woods dressed as warriors and fight and shit. Not really an adventure, but then again...if you're high anything is an adventure.
    Of course, I say I'm going to do this, when in reality, I'll just sit down with a nice fat bowl, and my XBox, and play Fable or Fallout. Which is almost as good.:smoke: Almost...
  4. Ill go on an adventure with you, as long as you get me whatever youre smoking.
  5. Sounds trippy man, you should actually do this! And get a buddy to film it haha.
  6. fight evil by spreading positivity. be the guy who spots a trippin kid and hands him a glow stick:p
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    I think my original blazed idea was that I would be Link going around fighting evil and solving puzzles, and that later on when I hit the hay I would burn a bowl and go to sleep :)

    You know Link is just trippin ballz when he does this shit too, thats why he never talks. It would just be mumbles and crazy sentences. All he makes is incoherent noises all the damn time. You tell me right now that is not the sound of someone whose been hittin blunts all the damn time :D:smoke:
  8. Northern ontario man, seriously I camped up there with 2 friends and 4 ounces and we all commited to actually do something while we were up there. We did stuff like on the shows man vs wild and survivorman but we didn't eat slugs or tadpoles or anything like that. We just camped, enjoyed the nights, got high, and played guitar.

  9. I would kill to do that.
    You have to draw the Triforce on your hand in highlighter (Cause it's gold) first though, to convince yourself you're Link.

    If you ever go take a sword into the woods and go on an adventure, you let me know how it went. And bring good weed! :smoke:
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    man you sound like my type of person haha
    not only is zelda a great game but
    i've been doing a LOT of brainstorming recently and i mean a LOT, about new hobbies/lifestyle changes i can make to make my life more exciting. i'm familiar with the fact that the possibilities of human life are basically endless...i.e. anything is possible. i've been trying to find a new hobby to do for 2009 so far, i haven't come up with much other than thinking of starting archery, something i tried a few times as a kid at a program but didn't have the freedom to do whatever i wanted with it. also i watched enter the dragon (great movie) earlier today, and actually put into real consideration if i were to start learning martial arts.

    i'm kind of on the same level as you, i constantly find myself craving new things and experiences danger or not

    i don't know how to end this post, but i need something new and exhilirating in my life fast!

  11. Will you guys be my best friends? Hahahaha...joking.

    but seriously. I know how you both feel. I did archery for a while. And hunting.
    Dunno if you're down with killing animals, but that's fun.

    Always wanted to take some sort of martial arts, too. Tae-kwon-do or something.

    I just want to experience something like characters in games do. I wish there was evil, and a hero to destroy it with his outstanding courage.
    And I wish I was the hero...
  12. its crazy because i always dreaming about
    taking a backpack full of diiferant seeds like tomato carrot lettuce corn apple fruit veggies ect. weed seeds
    and get a bunch of survival gear like axes bow n arrows snare traps fishing poles ect.
    and go onto a tropical island that no one else live on and grow my food and bud and just live out there you could bring chickens with too and farm them for eggs and the occasional whole chicken
    and ofcourse the island would have to be big enough too have some sort of fress water source like a stream or lake and have animals to hunt
    you could bring a few horses to travel with
    and cattle and you could just let the cattle graze freely and butcher one when needed and you could have a dairy cow then too
    pigs too
    you could basically have a big self sustaing farm on a deserted island and you could sit here aand smoke pot and live care free forever
    although you would have to sail out there but the plus to that would be you could sail back at any time sell some buds and use the cash to by some stuff to live a little better with go back to your island and toke up freely
    although i always imagined doing this by myself now that i think of it
    i would like it more if all of you came with me then we could just party and chill out all the time it would be easyer to run a farm and live stock with help too
    so if anyone has the cash to do it ill orginize it all hahahaha nice dream though

  13. I'm so down, let's go.
    I bet a group of like 7 or 8 people could self sustain their own little society.
    We could be like the people on the show "Lost". :D
    Except not dying...
  14. I would love to live Dragonball Z.
  15. while reading this only 2 words came to mind...POT HEADS(ya goddamn rite:smoke:)...but yeah like my man said get lost in a forest n eat some shrooms....hahahahahahaha thats a motherfuckin adventure rite there

  16. Okay first off i'm really glad this thread exists to begin with, but now we're onto something.

    I just googled because a while back i saw a page on darkroastedblend.com i think it was, about an island that was inhabitated by a very small population of people (like 100 or so), had supplies dropped off once a year, but the real interesting part was this island had like 600+ species of plants that were ONLY found on that island. Like trees that looked like mushrooms and these things that looked like rocks but also looked like elephant trunks and moved and shit. I'm googling my ass off to try to find it again now and when i do i'll post it here because this is the EXACT place i'd move if i wanted to start my life off all over somewhere completely new...of course bringing some MJ seeds along with me!
  17. yeah its like lost or the movie the beach with leonardo dicraprio in the movie they even have a huge field of weed except our island wouldnt have crazy asians trying to kill everyone
    but its possible with enough startup money

  18. Oh it would definitely possible.
    If you could afford to get a number of people TO the island, and the supplies needed to start a farm (seeds, etc.), it could be done. Houses could be build from trees. Fishing poles, spears, arrows, all that would be readily available and free, with just a little hard work.

    That would be a perfect life. No fucked up U.S.A. bullshit to worry about.
    Just weed, food, and a nice sea breeze :)

    Of course, it might always end up like Lord of the Flies...
    We'd have to make sure we knew what kind of people were coming on the island. No one sketchy. Hahaha. :smoke:

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