I want to design a pipe to have custom made. I need feedback/advice.

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  1. Hey all. I'm trying to design a bong that will work for me better than what i currently have. I have a condition that leaves me wheelchair bound and therefore sitting down the majority of the time. All the bongs I've had have either been too tall, forcing me to hold it awkwardly between my legs, or too short, which forces me to hunch over a lot in order to hit the damn thing.
    So, while brainstorming I thought of using a hose. I came across some pictures of pipes made from coconuts that I want to take inspiration from. Like this
    A few things I'd like to change about this design.
    1) make it glass
    2) Have a flat bottom so that it can sit more easily in my lap or on a table if I need it to put it somewhere rather than hold it
    3) move the carb hole somewhere around under where the hose goes in so I can use my thumb to cover the carb easily while holding it in my hand
    4) the bowl. Other pipes like this I've seen appear to have GIANT bowls. Like this:[​IMG]
    I feel like this would be good for me as I usually smoke 2-3 packed packed bowls to myself per session, and not having to keep loading my small bowl repeatedly and just having one large one I can pack accordingly sounds appealing.
    There are a few other things I'd like to do ideally, but I'm not sure whether or not it'd work. Firstly, but also least important really, I'd like to have it made out of color changing glass. I'm not really familiar with the ins and outs of doing that, but I wonder if you could do it feasibly. I always loved color changing bowls , but to have a whole piece that does that would be sweet.
    Secondly, I'd like to angle the bowl a bit. I'm unsure if this would negatively impact the functionality of the piece, as I only have a very basic understanding of how pipes are constructed. Perhaps someone can fill me in?

    Lastly, I'd like to be able to put some sort of perc in it. I'm unsure how reasonable this is, or how much of a difference it might make, or even what perc to use in this situation.

    With all this in mind, all I really want to know is if this could be done, and actually work somewhat well. Could I just travel to a glass studio near me and ask to have this made, or is there someplace specific that might do things like this? I've never spent more than $150 on a piece before, and never custom. So this is a whole new thing for me.

    Any advice, ideas, or helpful criticism of my idea is highly appreciated.

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  2. What you need is a challace like the rastas smoke from I'm not sure you can get them made from glass though
  3. how about something like this right here? [​IMG] it has the bowl on top, sideways mouthpiece, glass and the 'downstem' is pretty much a perc.. someone will know how these kinds of bongs are called because i dont know, this is just a image i got from a online shop.. but if you're in the states it should be easy to find
  4. I considered just using a bubbler, but I've never liked one I've tried. Maybe it's because it's super small? It's just hard for me to smoothly hit things that tiny. Same reason I hate spoon pipes. It's always so harsh. With what I'm imagining, it'd be like almost pineapple size, plus having the hose. The extra space would give the smoke more time to cool/ mix with air and become less thick, I imagine.

  5. i feel you but then i have no idea how you'd go about making something like that out of glass.. also the thing in the photo is not reallya bubbler (i think) because its like 27cm tall, ive seen it in the shop its like a normal bong but kinda easier to keep around you like on a cup holder or something because of the shape it has. well good luck hope you can find someone to build you that. i know theres some serious blowers on this website you just gotta find them and contact them
  6. I have a feeling it can be done. Maybe not easily but it could. I mean, I've seen egg shaped pieces before. Maybe doing something like that might work? Well, if there are a bunch of good builders here let's hope they'll chime in.
  7. I had an idea for a piece I wanted to see. [​IMG] so basically a glass piece that looks like a clock and the bowl can go on one bell and the mouth piece on the other bell but have water in the base of the clock. The funniest part would be the clock is stuck at 4:20 so whenever someone asks what time is it be like my bong says 4:20.
  8. Cool idea. Might be cool to make it look like the time wizard from Yu-Gi-Oh.[​IMG] maybe instead of his little clock staff thing he could be holding a bong, and that could act as your mouthpiece.
  9. It's called a chubbler. The distinctive difference being the slide vs built-in bowl.

    OP the type of bottle you are describing is called a Schlenk Flask. They come in quite a few configurations as laboratory glassware.

    You may also want to look at a saxobong. Those are beaker bong style chubblers, basically a beaker bong with a fixed downstem, often an inline perc, and a saxophone style mouth piece.
    It has the larger volume and stability of a beaker bong. But is easier to hit sitting down because you don't have to bend over as much.
  10. Why not get a desktop vaporizer with whip or balloon attachments?
  11. This is pretty much precisely the shape I'm looking for! It looks like it'd be Pretty easy to put a hose and a bowl onto one of these. And I suppose I could get a diffusing downstem in there if I found one big enough.
  12. I had considered it. I've had a box mod vaporizer for herb before. It was nice, but I like the feel of smoking out of glass, and I quite enjoy the sound of a bong.
  13. Glass on glass bongs took the taper ground joints straight from the lab. A Schlenk flask with SG18.8 mm joins will fit generic bowls and downstems for that size.
    Also for lab use there are hose barbs made of glass that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

    Keep in mind that if you get lab glass that the only way to be sure that it isn't contaminated is to buy new. And I have read that in some places it's a controlled commodity, due to the use in backyard meth cooking.
  14. good to know, thanks! I don't know where I can get this made, but now I definitely have a reference to show whoever ends up doing it. Would it necessarily matter if I did a fixed bowl with a carb as opposed to a slide bowl? I figure that since I wanna do this in color changing glass it'd have to have it completely custom, and ergo I could do either. So would there be an advantage to doing it one way over the other?
  15. I'd go with a slide and a fixed downstem with a heady glass perc. The biggest advantages being in cleaning, and when tipping the ash out of the bowl.

    As for a carb hole that is purely a personal coice. I do prefer a carb. If you're having a piece made to order they can put a carb anywhere you want.

    My big bong has a carb so I can bypass the quadruple percs when clearing it. Close to half a litre of water adds significant drag. My improvised semi-dry ash catcher even more.

    If you're in the U.S. you can perhaps contact Mountain Jam Glass in Oregon. They might be able to help you find a good local glass artist or they might even just straight up make you an offer to make it for you.

    I got my hookup through a local headshop. Turns out glass blowers in my area have a hard enough time making money to begin with that they can't really afford to not take custom jobs like this.
  16. Thanks for the help man! I looked them up. Unfortunately it says they'll only sell to retail stores apparently. I'm in eastern Washington, so I don't expect it'll be too hard to find someone to do it.

  17. nice kinda odd but nice i give anything to get the one in my profile pic remade lol,

    i know a few ppl also in chairs and some only have one arm and the bongs i seen them used had a small bean bag on the bottom

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