I want to clone my plant and then put it into flower. How long to wait inbetween?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mattylofgren, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. The title says it all. Here is a picture of my plant:

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  2. How many cuttings do you want to take?

    I would say you could take up to 5 from the bottom of her, without any risk of shock.

    So you'd be able to flower immediately.
  3. Thank you!! That's great news! Can I literally just cut off some of the lower branches? I'm trying to research now. It was my understanding that I essentially follow the exact same process as topping to clone - is that not true? I thought that I would have to take some of the new growth tips from the top of the plant because of this. I'm a little confused.

    5 would be enough. I really only want 2-3 more plants but 5 would give me wiggle room.
  4. You can check out my grow journal. I did s decent job at documenting my experience cloning and monstercropping.

    I forget exactly which are the best spots to take cuttings from, although a quick Google would tell us, but I've always taken them from the bottoms of my plants, with good results.
  5. Yes I think it's basically the same as topping, depending on if you take a cutting from a long branch vs taking a small, but whole, branch.
  6. image.jpg

    Cloning is the best way to go. Takes time to get it going, but once it is, it is awesome.
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  7. Thank you! This clears things up for me.
  8. What method do you plan on using to clone?

    You should take a few from her once she is flowering, so you can see how Crazy they get lol
  9. I'm using growweedeasy. I'm taking the cuts, putting immediately in water, coating with cloning gel, and then putting into moistened rapid rooters, under a humidity dome, then under a cfl light.
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  10. Sounds good. I never had good results from the Cubes and humidity dome but I know many do.

    CFL light may not be nessicary. I don't even have a bulb on my clones at the moment lol. Just getting light from the incandescent bulb in the bathroom. Actually...this batch of cloned has only had the incand light as light.

    If that method you are gonna use doesn't work, pickup a bucket cloner. Got mine for 50$ from HTG. Literally has paid for itself 5 times over in money saved from not buying seeds.
  11. Good to know you had good results. I hope this method will work! I'll put the light pretty far away on 18/6 lighting. I've never heard of a bucket cloner. I'll have to look into it! I'm definitely looking forward to the guarentee of females. I bought feminized seeds but am still having a male scare on my other plant.
  12. All sounds good. Don't forget to remove the humidity dome every day and let air circulate, wipe excess moisture off the inside especially if any leaves are touching the dome. This helps to prevent mould and bacteria getting a foothold.

    Nice looking plant. GWE is a good general guide, lots of very sensible advice, looks like you're following it well :)
  13. Thank you so much! This is my first grow. I've vegetable gardened before though. I will definitely remove the humidity dome. I didn't know that part, so thanks!

    Here are the new clones:

    I feel like they should root! Here's hoping.
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  14. From cutting to rooting takes 3 weeks for me. Then another 2 weeks from out of the cloner into soil before i notice growth. So rougly 5/6 weeks from cut to a new plant
  15. So you can cut a clone off your plant then put gel on it and put into soil or water .??
  16. IMG_0994.JPG IMG_1014.JPG IMG_1018.JPG IMG_1044.JPG IMG_1057.JPG IMG_1059.JPG
    This is my plants btw white widow and royal dwarf two almost done and widows starting to bud.
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  17. So they'll literally stay this small those first three weeks? Wow OK good to know. I didn't expect that.

  18. Oh yeah. I don't think you will see hardly any growth until you put in soil.
  19. Yes. I've seen pictures/documentation of clones being done in all sorts of ways.

    whether or not you will have success doing it those ways is not certain though. Actually that is the one consitant thing about clone teks lol.

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