i want to begin to grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oddis, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. what do i need? i live in norway, its like cold ass hell up here, and i live with my parents so i have to grow on my room. what is the cheapest most effecient way of growing inndors? what strain type? and my parents dont know what the plant look like, i can just say i got it from a friend in a birthday gift! HELP!"!:confused:
  2. haha good luck with that 1 first of all if they dont care then do it but otherwise thell either find or smell it if you can get it to flower
  3. but this summer i am all alone in the house for about 2 months.. can i get it to flower up on that time?

    bacouse they care!!! but they have never tasted the herb and they never sniffed the smell...
  4. i could never disrespect my folks like that .... but if you just gotta do it ..... sorry guys ... get a low rider strain n do it LST style in some sort of tote or storage box with a fluroesent light .... because youll never get a flower in the window in 2 months ...
    maybe some 2nd thoughts are in order here ..... DEFINATELY DO SOMEMORE READING....:wave:
  5. i suggest growing lowryder strain for sure, nice and small but dont yield too much. I think you can get away with it.As long as ur parents dont go searching through your room you should be fine. I'm growing in my room at the moment and i am just making it very stealth so my parents will not find it or smell it.. you gotta do a lot of planning a head of time and most important read and begin to understand about growing marijuana.

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