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I want my boyfriend to "rape" me :/

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by floridaisdank, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Ok, so im really into really dirty rough sex, but im not sure how to get my boyfriend to do that with me. like i want like rape fantasy style sex, but i have nooo idea how to mention that :/

    lol help please :smoke:
  2. Replace the word "rape" with "dominate".

    "Dominate me"

  3. Wow, thats pretty intense. Well i guess the best thing you could do is talk to him and maybe share some fantasies. See what he's into. It might even surprise you. Hopefully you guys can satisfy eachothers then. Good luck.
  4. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMk9xLTjF88"]YouTube - Nirvana- Rape Me "Music Video"[/ame]
  5. be like "i wanna get raped"

    but he'll probably be like:

    instead of:
  6. well you could just bring it up. Depending on how he is, maybe you'll get what you want. I know that if you came to me with this kinda request, i'd say "ok..." and i'd tell you that i don't like the whole idea of rape. Rough sex and all that is great, but actual RAPE LIKE sex is a different story. Are we talking ripping your clothes off as you're fighting him off? you screaming for help and crying and weeping?

    play rape is not as bad as that. But if you want a simulation experience he might not want to do it. Again, your best bet is to lay it out on the table for him and see how he reacts. I don't really see an issue with you at least bringing it up. I mean, if you wanted him to shit in your mouth or something, that might be a little TOO freaky for most people.
  7. oh god.
    hes always like "lets make love"
    and im like
  8. Lmao. Theres nothing wrong with that. My girl loves it.
  9. I can sense an epic thread comming on already. :hello:
  10. well, thats why you need to tell him this. I would say, start making out and such. You know, set the mood a little. Then tell him you want to fuck tonight. A simple "lets fuck" would suffice. He should get the hint. NOW if this kid is not very experienced, you might have to plan it out for him a little bit. I've always loved when women told me exactly what they want and how they want it. Makes my job SO much easier. Fuck me harder, slap my ass, pull my hair, bite me etc. I understand you want to be submissive so you telling him AS you're going at it isn't part of your fantasy. So i'd tell him ahead of time.

    I'd say tell him today that you want to be fucked. Tell him what you want him to do, and then say that he has to do this tomorrow. Or later today or whatever. That way you lay it out for him, and then leave the dominance up to him. he knows what you want and how, all he has to do is just initiate it and tear that pussy up! Not trying to be vulgar, but that is kinda what you're asking for

  11. I do tell him things, but its never rough enough. and lol whenever i try to ask him to "dominate" me, he wants me to do it to him. which is why i cant really mention things sometimes :/
  12. yeah, i got nothing then for ya. sorry hun, good luck ? maybe he'll come around. I guess you could try to make a trade. something he really wants for this....sex-wise obviously.
  13. i could help you with that :ey::devious:
  14. Tell him "stop being a bitch and fuck me like a roethlisberger."

  15. oh ok :/
    thank anyways :)
    and yea im gonna try to compromise or somethin
  16. oh definitely, lemme tell you ...
  17. haaay, so whereabouts in FL?

    Maybe start with somn else and werk up to it. Ask him some of his fantasies, and like someone else said do a lil trade. dirty lapdance shuld get him ready to send you to another world. Watch some porn together and be like lets act this out
    if yer on bottom use yer legs around him to get him to pick it up and really give it to you
  18. Find porn that is what you are looking to do and watch it with him. Let him know it turns you on and the rest should take care of itself. :)

    Unless of course, he just isn't into it at all and then you have a decision to make.

  19. south fl :)
    and yea, ima gonna do something for him, so hopefully he will do that to me :)

  20. I know he watches porn, and we've watched porn together so this sounds like a good idea :) thanks

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