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  1. ok, i've already started going to school for radio broadcast courses and what not, but i was wondering if any one had any advice or storys about their local radio stations. I really want to get into radio, my over all goal is to be able to run a station that is aloud to talk about pot, basically i want to start a storner channel. i think this would be a much needed addition to the air waves, because our people need a channel thats not prejudice against us. any advice, courses of action i should take, people to talk to, anything?????
  2. Too much weed talk and the only opportunity you'll probably have is podcasting.
  3. woah, dont be so negative, i think we're on a good start to legalization, so i'm sure it will be able to have some weed themed radio stations....does anyone know anybody who works in radio. If u know a guy, i'd love to give him a call. radio is my thing
  4. I don't know about totally weed themed dude. Maybe a chill song at 4:20 so people get the message and other subtle little hints that the guy choosing the music is as high as a kite.
  5. do you have a face for radio?
  6. I want to join either my school's paper or radio team.

    Paper, because I'm good at writing. Not paper, because I hear that newspapers are slowly losing their popularity? I mean, I still read them, so whatever, but (big surprise) lots of people have stopped reading them.

    My radio... well, I have a voice for radio. My friends think I'm funny and that I have a good personality for it as well. So who knows?

    Good luck, OP... what school do you go to?
  7. As a broadcast Journalist, naturally were enemies, but I wish you luck in your en devours!
    I'm on the radio usually 3 or 4 times a week, its a blast!
  8. shouldn't your teachers at school be of some help? i'm assuming they've all been in the business or still are in the business at some point. i'm sure they know a lot of people that can hook you up

  9. Once weed is legalized, what is there going to be to talk about in a radio show? I mean most weed-related podcasts center around legalization and medical issues, plus listener e-mails and shit like that. Once it's legalized you'll have no reason to talk about legalization or really even medical issues.

    There are already podcasts that handle the cannabis issue extremely well. You might want to think of something a bit more abstract than just a "weed themed radio station" because I think you would run out of material to talk about, post-legalization, really fast. There's only so many times you can teach your listeners how to make a pipe out of an apple or some shit like that that's been done a million times.

    Gotta bring something new to the table, not just a new voice.
  10. I wasn't being negative at all, I'm being realistic.
  11. i deffinatly have the voice thats required.lol. i used to act in pro theatre, and i teched shows so i know how to deal with mics too.
  12. well shit dude, u have ne advice?

  13. lol i was kidding around :smoking:

    goodluck with show, you should look at your local community colleges/universities
  14. yeah i would suggest this also. A radio station i listen to has a "4:20 smoke break" and "smokin blues"
  15. op godammit go be a real DJ like this pussy neck

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