I wanna write a book.

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  1. Hi awsome people.... I am glad and thankful that You have decided to give up your time by reading this thread...

    Now to the point... in my life there are things, that I am complete failure at.
    Even things what might seem to some people as piece of cake, I might see those things as really difficult for me... because well... I just dont know how to do it, because no one never taught me.

    But I do believe that every person has their own abilities, what some other people dont... u know everyone has their own cons and pros....

    Well I Love producing music, but I have been thinking that perhaps I should write a book aswell. Perhaps some of you might know from a previous thread I did, that in basic school we had to write a fantasy story, and when I gave my work to teacher, she said that that writing is not mine and its stolen from the Internet, and only some famous writers write like this... I think I was like 15 at that time, now im 21....

    Anyways that has give me some ideas and little bit hope.... that maybe... there is something in me that I might put between book covers. I dont wanna write a regular book, I wanna do something special... I am not sure yet about what I would write, but I dont want it to be boring or "same shit all over again".
    I wanna give something back to the people in this world, I wanna create something new, some new cool characters, or some new magical world, that people had no idea that it existed... I dont know... but I do know that I wanna do it....
  2. Good luck. Now a days with the internet it's easier for independent writers to create books, and become self published, and get their name out there.

    You should look up the author Scott Sigler. he's a horror/sci fi writer , and he's a good role model for independent/authors who are just starting up. He's used the internet and technology to become a best selling author.
  3. You may not want to hear this but...take a class!

    Even if it doesn't help with your ideas or your style it might help you organize your thoughts, which is my problem. I can write for days, but then i look back at it and its just pages and pages of random shit.

  4. yea you should deffinetly take a class or two. You don't have to be an english major or anything, but taking a few writing classes is a very good idea.

    Even if you think you have a great style, classes will teach you more about technique, open your mind to other writing styles, and the best thing about taking a class is that you can bounce your ideas off of other writers, learn from other writers. Also there are courses on publishing, how to get published, how to get noticed in the industry, how to deal with agents. All great things to learn.

    Also, check out some books about writing, how to write a book/novels. A good one I'd suggest is On Writing by Stephen King, even if you're not a Stephen King fan it doesn't matter. Many non King fans still recomend it as a great book on writing.
  5. thanks guys
  6. *Grammar Nazi*

    Yeah, they nitpick when you try to get published...Journalism is fun, book isn't so much. I'd recommend buildin' a blog of some sort and seein' how you like the idea of sittin' down and writin' for weeks on end to meet a date, and that isn't even startin' with the fuckin' editors...Jesus fuck, man! The fuckin' editors are the worse.

    Good luck, learn you some grammar...And write; shit is fun if you got the gusto to do it.:cool:

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