I Wanna Sleep!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, May 7, 2006.

  1. FUck! I'm ar work right now, and I'm sleepy as hell. Last night me my cousin his girl and friend were smoking and that shit was tight.

    I smoked earlier with my other cousin and got a little high, drove to Macdonalds for munchies and bought a 50 piece McNugget....

    Went to my cousins friends house, packed a few bowls and got higer, then i rolled this fat as joint, i swear it was the sise of half a blunt. Shit was hitting harder then the bong we had, then i ad to wake up at 7am...

    that fucking sucked... and now I'm at work and I'm fucking sleepy as hell, I get off at 7pm, I wanna fucking leave and just go to sleep!!!!
  2. Sounds like a good night.
  3. sounds like u had fun....that sucks though about u being sleepy...maybe ur day will go by fast
  4. I'll keep you all posted on my day.... so far.......SLOW!
  5. make some coffee and ad about 10 lbs of sugar
  6. Man... my day just moved pretty quickly already... I guess things are getting better-

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