I wanna grow Marijuana

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mcgeeskii, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Been on this website for a few months now. reading a bunch of grow guides.
    absorbing a bunch of information like a sponge, and i think i'm in love:hello:
    sick of the low grade bud more seeds in the bag than weed.
    and im also sick of the headaches after a harsh smoke of some supposed "haze".
    so i want to grow .. to start out i will be using cfl's. i know they're not my best bet.
    but i will only be growing one or two plants in my closet to start off.
    because my closet can easily grow 5 or 6 plants i estimate inside of it.
    so i searched walmart.com now (walmart is the god of stores) for some cfl's.
    8 bucks WOW im buying em i say. but i dont wanna buy a bunch of lights that wont grow my plant yaknoe ? so take a look at the supplies below and let me know if im good for a 2 plant indoor closet grow =] any suggestions on where to get seeds shipped to u.s. lmk
    thanks in advance

    12 pack GE Cfl lights. 13w and it says 60w equivalent.

    p.s. i have pots. soil. fans. and everything else. just need lights and seeds

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